Pubic Hair Causes Damage. Find out how.

Pubic hair, you either love it or your hate it, but if you work in sewage then you are going to absolutely loathe it. Why? Well, we need to look more closely at what it can do. And you will probably look at your pubes in a completely different light.

We all know that our sewage works has to deal with some rather disgusting things that will clog up the pipes. But even though you may have your own ideas as to what could cause the most damage. The truth is somewhat closer to home.

Yep, you have probably already guessed the direction that this is heading in. The one thing that is able to really block the drains unlike pretty much anything else is pubic hair. Not only that, but it is pretty tough for them to handle. It is all to do with the fact that it is not only insoluble but will also get through the vast majority of filtration systems.

Ultimately, vast quantities of pubic hair are removed from the sewage system every single month. Or they run the very real risk of the entire system becoming blocked.

Perhaps it’s best not to flush it down the toilet in the future. Because think of those poor workers that then need to deal with it further down the line.