PUBG Competitors

PUBG Competitors – Looking at the rise of mobile gaming, some institutions are bringing the mobile version of their battle games. It looks like PUBG but with more entertainment.

Call of Duty

Although it has been popular from 2003, it has only been limited to play stations. Its parent company, tensant, recently announced that it is going to bring the mobile version to it soon. The game has been made available for beta users/pre-registered Android users as well. It seems likely that this game will release the stable version after November 14.

Apex Legends

In PUBG, they jump from the plane using parachyut. But in this game, they jump with a rocket suit. In PUBG they can walk or use a vehicle. But it this games they can disappear. The game is similar to the pub and now the mobile version is goming to come. However, the apex legends are likely to come into your mobiles at the end of this year despite no official announcement in the case of the release date.

H1 Z1: Battle Royale

When you play a pubg, a blue smoke comes to you to beat you. It is called Bluefog. But in ‘H1 Z1’, however, toxic toxic gas comes in. You can play this game soon. The game was created by Davebreak gaming company for PlayStation in September 2018. Now it is being updated and brought as a mobile version. Efforts are being made to make this year available for Android and iOS users globally.

Battle Field V: Fire Storm

Hollywood films hero uses a new kind of glasses. The villain Group is soon seen shining in the dark. Hero kills them with sniper. Bottle Field V: Fire Storm is the same in the game. This game is also just like a pubg. However, the game’s playing places, guns and bombs are a little new. The news is that the game, which is only available for PlayStations this time, comes into the mobile platform. However, the game has not received any official announcement from the designer. But there are attempts to bring the battle field to the mobile version.

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