Neuralink – Phone can talk to your Brain – Elon Musk

Neuralink – The startup company of Elon Musk (Co-Founder) has completed two years of work in integrating machines with brain. They have tested on plants and animals. They are getting ready to start tests on humans. If their Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) works as expected then it will be break through in human life.


There are few groups which are already working on these type of interfaces since 2006. It works in two ways, 1. Insert the module inside body or 2. Place the module near the skin. Neuralink is going with first approach. Team has developed a chip with electrodes that will be inserted on human’s skull. Electrodes are thinner than hair will be placed on the outer surface of the cerebrum.

Team has tested on rat by making hole to its head. Below are the images.

Thread implantation and packaging. A. An example peri-operative image showing the cortical surface with implanted threads and minimal bleeding. B. Packaged sensor device (“System B”) chronically implanted in a rat.
A packaged sensor device. A. individual neural processing ASIC capable of processing 256 channels of data. This particular packaged device contains 12 of these chips for a total of 3,072 channels. B. Polymer threads on parylene-c substrate. C. Titanium enclosure (lid removed). D. Digital USB-C connector for power and data.
The inserter approaches the brain proxy with a thread. i. needle and cannula. ii. previously inserted thread. Inserter touches down on the brain proxy surface. 3. Needle penetrates tissue proxy, advancing the thread to the desired depth. iii. inserting thread. 4. Inserter pulls away, leaving the thread behind in the tissue proxy. iv. inserted

Neuralink have to get approval from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to start tests on humans. It is not an easy task to get approval and complete tests. It takes few years before it becomes available for people.


The main purpose of the device is to aid people with brain damages and other disabilities. It also helps patients to control mobile devices without touching them. There are also plans to integrate Artificial Intelligence with Neuralink device.