Mars Helicopter

NASA is sending a Helicopter to Mars – Ingenuity

NASA is sending Perseverance rover to Mars. Launch is on July 30, 2020. Along with rover NASA is sending a Helicopter to Mars. They are going to operate the Helicopter remotely from another planet. NASA is encouraging people to participate in this mission with various programs.

Mars Helicopter – Ingenuity

Vaneeza Rupani, a junior at Tuscaloosa County High School in Northport, Alabama, came up with the name Ingenuity for NASA’s Mars Helicopter.

You can participate in the launch of the mission virtually and also send your name to Mars. Check this post to send your name to Mars and to participate virtually.

Take Photos On Mars

You can use Photo Booth to take photos on Mars. You can pose next to the mighty Atlas V rocket that will launch the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover, strike a pose on Mars, or put yourself next to the rover in the JPL clean room where it was assembled. Just upload your favorite picture, choose a background, and download the new image.

Download interactive magazine-style booklet

You can also download interactive magazine-style booklet for better launching experience. You can also download it in PDF format. The flipbook has information about rover.

Experience in 3D

You can check out the Perseverance rover in 3D. Go to the link and you can zoom, rotate and twirl around the rover. You can also select the parts of the rover and find more details of each part.

How to stream or watch the launch?

Check out these social network accounts for latest updates and videos.

Twitter: @NASA@NASAPersevere@NASAMars
Facebook: NASANASAPersevere
Instagram: NASA
Perseverance videos will be posted to the NASA JPL YouTube channel and NASA YouTube channel.

Send your name to Mars – Click here.

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