Myanmar Protests

Myanmar Protests: Two people killed and 20 others injured in clash with security personnel

Two people have been killed and 20 others have been injured after a brutal clash with the security forces. This took place in Myanmar’s second largest city Mandalay, after a massive civil disobedience movement erupted. Protests of this scale have not been seen in recent times in Myanmar. It is a third consecutive week of demonstrations. Demanding an end to the military rule.

Reaction from European Union for Foreign Affairs Joseph Burrell

Now despite bloodshed and violence, protesters have refused to back down at this point of time. High representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs Joseph Burrell has tweeted about the violence. He said – “I strongly condemn the violence against peaceful civilian protesters by the military. I urge the military and all security forces in #Myanmar to immediately stop the violence against the civilians. We will discuss on Monday #FAC the latest events in Myanmar to take appropriate decisions.”

Protests and Death

With civil servants, engineers, teachers and students participating in the protests. Activists say that the movement’s aim is to paralyze the business of the government. The thousands of protesters have started to gather on the streets of Yangon as well. People gathering and chanting at the city’s Hiladon center, this is security forces continue to strengthen their stance.

On friday the death of a young female protester had shook the nation. The 21 year old protester was shot in the head in the country’s capital in Yakitor. But this was the first death since the coup took place on the first of this month.

United States advice to Myanmar Military

Now the United States has of course reacted to the protests and also the violence. And has said that it has been saddened by the death and has condemned the use of force against the demonstrators. The United States has urged Myanmar’s military to refrain from violence and also relinquish power.

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