My answer to someone who had lost the courage to get a woman in his life

If I train you to get women in your life, but in return you don’t have to hit on me, because for many it has worked, then will you follow my advises?

Based on my experience

1) First and foremost rule, no one cares about you, not even me. World doesn’t care about you, for you being nice. No one is going to come in your life for being just nice.

2) Second, you need to have a stern look, a very confident look in your face. Approach a girl as if you are going to talk to her, but don’t talk to her.

3) When you see a beautiful girl in your periphery, never look at them directly, but always behave as if you don’t care

4) Women love intelligence.

5) Exercise, groom and look smarter for yourself, not for girls around you.

6) Have the confidence of approaching a girl in real life, not online, asking for address, asking for anything.

7) Talk to them, as if they are guys.

8) Women are attracted more towards guys, who don’t give a damn, about them, when they come near them, or when you go near them.

9) Go in a park and hit a conversation with a strange woman, by saying that you are opening a new concept and you need some assistance. It could be fictional.

10) Conversation with ladies in any shop or mall.

11) Asking someone if you can talk to them, is the worst thing to do. (Never ask for permission)

12) We all are humans, we have a right to talk to anyone on any topic at any time. Just feel that that person is a part of you – spoiled or nice.

13) Leave your job, if you don’t like it.

14) Do something that you had always loved, see if possible that you can make money out of it. If you can then problem solved.

15) There is always some hobby of ours, which we can turn into monetary.

16) Let your clothes be the extension of your personality.