Windows Update Disability

Microsoft Windows Features For People With Low or No Vision

Microsoft is planning to provide wide range of updates for people with low or no vision. They have included these features in May 2020 windows update. They have improved Text Cursor, Magnifier, Narrator, Smart Browsing and Outlook.

Windows Text Cursor

Text Cursor Options

Microsoft has made it easy to personalize text and cursor pointers. Based on the feedback they have received they have made changes to cursor pointer. Now users can find the text cursor easily in any theme. Previously users felt it was difficult to find the thin text cursor line. Now the problem is solved. Now users can easily make cursors wider and add a text cursor indicator.


Windows Magnifier

Reading text using magnifier continuously results in fatigue or headaches. So based on the feedback Microsoft has added a feature to read loud to reduce the strain. Magnifier now includes Play, Pause, Next sentence, Previous sentence. It is easy to read text in popular browsers including Edge, Chrome and Firefox and other Windows applications like Microsoft Word, Outlook and PowerPoint. Magnifier will highlight each word that is spoken and will scroll content into view if it is not currently displayed.


Now Narrator feels more natural without unwanted pauses and with proper pronunciation. They have added new sounds that you can choose for various actions. Sounds will played instead of voice with words. They also have improved announcing capital letters and words.

Smart Browsing

Narrator will start reading the web page automatically. This helps user to know that the page has been loaded. Users can now get page summary on page stats. They can find out popular links, number of links and more. Press Narrator key + S to hear the landmarks, links and headings on the page and press Narrator key + S twice quickly to bring up the page summary that includes a list of popular links. You can find out few details of links with name ‘Click Here’ without actually clicking. Press Narrator key + Ctrl + D, the same command to generate an image description, to hear the title of the linked page before pressing the link.

Narrator now supports Firefox. They have also added support for rich text in Chrome and Firefox, which makes it easier to consume content on sites like Wikipedia

Windows Outlook

They have improved the message reading experience. Like when web pages load, Narrator will automatically start reading content when you open a message. They also have automatically enable scan mode and recognize and ignore layout tables to make it easier to navigate and read message content. They have improved Outlook responsiveness, e.g., reducing lags when arrowing through messages in the inbox or through text in a message.