Messages From Brain Travel At 200 MPH Speed

People will often get to a point in a the day where they feel as if their brain is working slower than it normally is. But then at what speed do you think that your brain actually does work? The answer is going to be rather surprising, and it does help to show just how amazing your brain is.

Of course, what we are talking about here are the messages that are sent along the nerves. As it is their ability to move along these networks that basically allows us to function. You might be surprised to hear that those messages travel at a speed of 200 mph. You have to admit is mightily impressive. Also, that speed never changes, so the next time that you think your brain is working slowly, it is just not possible. It is pretty consistent when it comes to the speed side of things.

Your DNA Can Stretch 744 Million Miles

The human body is amazing in the things that it seems to be able to contain within it. Take your DNA as an example. Your DNA is in a coil, but what would happen if you uncoiled it and then stretched out all of the DNA that is your body? How far do you think it would be able to reach?

The DNA is actually around 8.5 cm long. It is able to be packed into a space so small that you cannot see it without some kind of assistance. If you then unpacked all of your DNA. It means that it would stretch for an absolutely staggering 744 million miles. To put that into some kind of perspective, that means that it is roughly the same as from the earth to the planet Saturn. And that is hardly the kind of place that you could just walk to.

Now, think about how it is even possible for all of that to be contained inside your body. It starts to give you a better impression of just how amazing your body is. And the way in which we seem to be able to pack so much into a small space.

So, the next time somebody tells you how far your intestines would stretch, or any other strange fact about the body, perhaps you should then usurp them by giving them this one stunning fact all about your DNA.

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