Make Money Using Internet

Make Money Using Internet – Check out the details mentioned to create a new source income for you. From the time we get up from bed till we go to bed, we buy lot of things for our survival or for some other purpose. This means that someone (sellers) is making money from the money we spend. These sellers can be direct product owner or wholesale retailer or retail seller or vendors. Sellers need more buyers to sell their products and make money. So Sellers will advertise about their products to reach more customers. You can help them by promoting their productsand get commission(money) for your work.

Promote the sellers products using a Website or Facebook or Youtube or Mobile App. You can do this by either joining hands with any Ad Company or by signing up for Affiliate program.

Sign up with Ad Company

These companies take money from sellers to promote the products. The Company will pay you if you allow them to promote the product through Ads using your content(Website/blog, Facebook, Youtube, Emails, Mobile Apps.). Companies design and formulate various rules for you to be eligible to place the Ads. They have rules on Whats basis you will be paid.

Sample Companies: Google – Adsense program, Taboola, Facebook Ads. Before you get in touch with any of these Ad programs you need have your content ready.

  • Website/blog : Design your website properly. Check if all the links are working and don’t forget to include SiteMap and Privacy terms. Don’t Copy content from other websites.
  • Facebook : Create Instant articles in Facebook or Mobile Apps to include Facebook Ads.
  • Youtube : Create a channel and start uploading your videos, Once your channel has 10000 views you can submit your channel for review. Once approved you canmonetize your videos.
  • Mobile Apps : Create Mobile Apps either in IOS or Android. You can include Google/Facebook ads in your app.

Join Affiliate Program

Through affiliate programs you can be the third person between buyer and seller. You can help seller to sell their products/services by directly promoting their goods to customers. Seller will pay you commission for each of sales you make. The more you sell the more money you make.

How it works?

  • Join an affiliate network.
  • Select an offer/product/service that you would like to promote. It can be referring people to fill a form on a dating/matrimony website, or recommending them an online store to buy t-shirts from.
  • Once you choose an offer/product/service to promote, you will be provided with a unique link to that offer. You will be able to use this link to promote the selected offer. You can place the link in your website or Mobile App or add link your Youtube video description.
  • When anyone visits the offer through your unique link and completes the desired action (like filling a form or buying something), you’ll be paid a commission.
  • Your commissions will keep accumulating in the affiliate network you have joined. You can get paid from the affiliate networks on a weekly or monthly basis.

Sample Affiliate Programs: Amazon ,TripAdvisor,FlipKart & Shaadi and many more. You can find lot more, just Google or Bing.

Note: Read the program details very careful before joining it. Mostly they won’t ask for any joining fee but be careful.

Hope you got basic idea on how to make money by promoting goods/services.

Promoting your content

Its not an easy task to promote and make money. You need to have lot of patience. You have to take help of your friends/family to reach more users.

Free Promotion

  • Website/blog — Create a page in Facebook and promote your website. Create instant articles in Facebook based on the pages of your website. Ask your friends to share your website on various platforms like facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Messenger.
  • Youtube — Share your vides on facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Messenger with your friends and ask them to share again.
  • Mobile Apps — Share your app on facebook/create page, Twitter, Whatsapp, Messenger with your friends and ask them to share again.

Paid Promotion

To increase views or visitors to your web page or video to can create ads about your content and promote them. Facebook & Google will come in handy.

  • Google – Adwords — Signup for Adwords, create ad & load money to your account. Google will advertise about your website, app or video. Check how Google charges you for advertising during Signup.
  • Facebook – Adverts — You can promote your content through Facebook page posts.

You can earn good money only if you have more number of users visiting your website or viewing your videos. If you have pocketful of money you can take professionals help in creating good website and promote it through paid promotions. If you have limited budget then suggest to start by using which is free or create Mobile Apps.

Onemore Thing: Freelance

Freelancer — He/She is the person who do things for others by taking money. If you are good in working in excel sheets or if you are good at programming or some other activity, you can become a freelancer and earn money.

There are many websites where you can join as freelancer. Freelancing will be easy if you are really good at work. Customers post the work details and you can bid for it. If the customer likes your profile and the amount you charge you can take up that job. You can work on it whenever you want but have to complete by agreed end date. Once you complete the work notify the customer and he/she will pay you the agreed amount.

Don’t do things in a hurry. Read the rules/process before you signup for any program. Check the scope of your idea and then invest your time and money on it. You need to keep on creating new content to sustain in this Internet World.

Good Luck!.