Microsoft Learn

Learn Python, C# and Azure with Microsoft

Microsoft is helping and encouraging students to learn latest technologies which are very useful in future. Today’s students are the innovators and inventors of the future. The World Economic Forum predicted that two-thirds of students today will work in jobs that do not yet exist. There is need for students to acquire skills for the future.

Microsoft Learning Path

Microsoft has started a portal with various learning paths. Students can select a topic of their interest and learn about it. Continuous learning is the DNA of students. They learn and share with their peers. Microsoft created a hub for both students and educators.

Students can master new concepts at your own speed and on your schedule. Students can develop practical skills using the learning paths. There are three main blocks in this hub.

  • Learn with University Courses
  • Become a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador
  • For Eductor.

You can choose any of these, to master, share and improve you skills.

Microsoft has also included some solution driven learning paths that inspire students to build with social impact and environment in mind.


Students can learn fundamental foundational courses on various technologies and programming languages. They can master in Object-oriented programming, C#, Python, Azure and many others.

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