Reality Composer

Learn Basics Of Apple’s Reality Composer App

Reality Composer makes it easy for you to create and interact with augmented reality on your iPhone and iPad, blending virtual content with the world around you. Before you start, you will need an iPhone or iPad with iOS 13.2 or later.

Make sure you’ve installed the Reality Composer app. Reality Composer is made by Apple and is available for free on the App Store.

Starting a project

First, open Reality Composer. We’re going to create a new project but you’ll find all your saved projects too. Choose Create Document.

Choose an object

First, you need to choose an anchor. An anchor allows you to place an object in the real world. If you want your object to be placed on a floor or table, select a horizontal anchor. To place your object on a wall, select vertical anchor. If you’re using a book, movie poster, brochure, or packaging, select image anchor. And for selfie effects like virtual hats and glasses, choose the face anchor.


Let’s choose horizontal. A cube will appear in your workspace. Let’s use Reality Composer’s Content Library to choose something a little more interesting. Let’s remove the cube. To do this, press and hold the object. Then select Delete from the pop-up menu.

To add a new object, tap the plus icon, and scroll down through the Content Library to find an object you like. You can choose a shape, game, or even a toy. Tap to select.

Add a look and behavior

We can customize our scene by adding a look and behavior to our object. To give the object a stylized look, tap the object. Then tap the properties icon. There you can transform the object’s position, rotation, and scale or change its look or physics. Let’s select the Realistic style.

Now let’s add some action. To do this, tap the more icon, then select Behaviors. To create a new behavior, tap the plus icon. Adding behaviors lets you move, scale, or add emphasis to your objects. You can also create triggers based on proximity or inputs as simple as a tap. You can even add spatial audio to give your AR scene another level of reality.

Composer has some easy presets to get you started. To create a custom behavior, tap Custom, and tap an object to select it. We’ll use Tap to trigger the object to move. Let’s pick Move, Rotate, Scale By to move the object relative to our current location. And adjust the object’s launch speed by moving the duration slider left or right.

Next, we will select the ease type. Selecting Ease In will make the object accelerate as it starts. Under Position, tap Clear and change the centimeter values to control how high we want the object to move. Position and Duration will determine the speed of the launch. After you are done with editing, give the behavior a new name.

Placing it in AR

Let’s place our object in the real world using augmented reality. Tap the AR button and move your iPhone or iPad side to side until your object appears. To move your object, tap and slide it to your desired location.

Now tap the play icon to place it. We’re ready for launch. Tap the object. Thats it.

Sharing your scene

Great experiences are always better shared. Reality Composer makes it easy to share projects with friends using AirDrop, iMessage, and more. If you’re a developer, you can also integrate your project into Xcode. To share your project, tap more. Choose export, and select your preferred sharing method.

With Reality Composer, creating, editing, and sharing 3D objects just became a whole lot easier. Get latest updates of reality composer – here.