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Karan Johar & Aliaa Bhatt Are Losing Lakhs of Instagram Followers

Netizens are unfollowing few celebrities of Bollywood who are accused of promoting nepotism in the Film Industry. They are targeting Karan Johar & Aliaa Bhatt mainly. Both of them are losing Lakhs of followers daily.

Why Followers are leaving Karan & Aliaa?

The untimely death of Sushant Singh Rajput has brought nepotism discussion again into news. The actor’s suicide has shocked not just Bollywood but entire Country. People couldn’t digest that he has ended his life. People started to find out what may be reason for his suicide. Few of the celebrities came out and expressed that he was boycotted by the industry and he was in depression for last few months.

Adding to this is his posts on Instagram, they sound that he is not feeling good and he is under depression. This news has spread like wildfare among the online users. They have started digging out old videos and conversations. Among them they have found a video from a program where Karan Johar was host and Aliaa was guest. To one of the question Aliaa’s response about Sushant Singh Rajput is not liked by the users.

This incident didn’t go well with netizens. So they have started unfollowing both of them. People are sharing how good Sushant Singh Rajput was and how bad the situation is in Bollywood.

Kangana Ranaut Is Upset With Sushant’s Decision

Kangana who became a lady Super Star and a lone warrior against Bollywood’s nepotism has expressed her views on this incident. She was very upset that Sushant accepted the defeat. Here is her video –

How Many Users Unfollowed Karan & Aliaa?

Karan Johar

DateNumber Of Users Unfollowed
15th June 202022,965
16th June 20201,25,194
17th June 20201,49,779
Karan Johar Profile Stats

Aliaa Bhatt

DateNumber Of Users Unfollowed
16th June 20203,56,117
17th June 20203,56,661
Aliaa Bhatt Profile Stats

Kangana Ranaut got 13,60,146 new followers in just 3 days (15h, 16th & 17th of June 2020).

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