Bollywood Sushant Singh Rajput

Is Nepotism The Main Reason For Shushant Singh Rajput’s Act?

Nepotism means favoring relatives or friends over other people. It exists in every part of our life. Politicians prefer there sons, daughters and relatives first. Even the rich business families make there closed ones to take their place. Every family prefers there family members first not just in Bollywood.

If a person earns 1 crore starting from 10 thousand, will he ask his kid to start again from 10 thousand or will he give a head start with 1 crore? Giving support to their liked ones exists in any career and it is a basic human nature. If we are not supported by our father or mother or friends then no one will support us.

There are crores of people from South who expect son or daughter of a Big Star to get launched and do good films. They go crazy for them. They don’t say anything then but now many people and meme pages from South are pointing at Bollywood. These type of people doesn’t have right to talk about Karan Johar or Ekta Kapoor.

Inside Bollywood

Is it true that Sushant lost 6-7 movies because of Karan, Aliaa, Ekta, Salmaan, Sonam or any other? Is it the first time that a hero or heroine or character artist lost films? There will be many instances and the reasons will be different. We cannot tag everything to Nepotism and blame few. Producer can hire anyone or replace anyone at any point of film making. He is the investor and he decides with whom he wants to work.

It is true that when we have very little support we face many difficulties to succeed. Is Sushant a new comer? He is a well-known TV artist first and then he gained good popularity with just few movies. He earns good money, stays in a costly apartment, have multiple servants. No body knows exactly why Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide. We all are trying to gather few bits and pieces from here and there and coming to conclusions.

Is there any love problem or any financial issue or did he do anything wrong? Everyone is shocked because we all are in an impression that he is leading a well settled life.

Grabbing opportunities from someone is not correct. But it happens every where, even in Software Companies. Employees do all kinds of politics to get good ratings and high salaries. If anyone from the Bollywood film industry has stopped production houses to take Sushant then it’s not correct. Knowingly or Unknowingly our preferences to our family members or friends over others will hurt many.

Final Thoughts

Only Sushant Singh Rajput knows the exact reason for his act.

Question to Film Audience – If a person is having good amount of popularity and if his/her movies are doing good (earning crores). Will any producer stop making films with that person? Or If a group of people are stopping someone from making films who got good craze among people, will his or her fans or general audience keep quite? We all know how our online users fight for rights and support their stars.

A common man or a Super Mega Star kid/grand kid can become a Super Mega Star only with the blessings of audience.