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Is my partner hiding something from me?

Is my partner hiding something from me? Most of you will agree that trust is the most essential part of a successful relationship. There’s nothing worse than that feeling your partner is lying to you. Without that feeling of trust, there’s no point in staying together. If you have an unshakeable sense and see your better half engaging in questionable habits, it might not be your imagination.

They’re very protective of their phone

The secrets your partner may be keeping from you range from anything as simple as checking your mail, to having a hidden bank account, to cheating with your neighbour. In fact, you won’t believe the kinds of things partners sometimes hide from one another. Smartphones make it easier than ever for people to hide personal information and reply to others in their social network. Studies prove that sleep deprivation, anxiety, stress, and depression have all been linked to excessive phone use. While privacy is vital, there should be no need for your partner to hide their phone. If they continue to get texts at unusual times, and get defensive when you ask about them, they may have something to hide.

They’re unclear about their whereabouts

Unless you’ve hired a private investigator to track them, it’s impossible to know where your partner is at all times. But it’s always good to let each other know where you are. That’s just common courtesy. This way, there’s no tension between the two of you. Have you ever asked your partner where they are, and they won’t give you a straight answer? This is usually a big red flag! According to a survey, higher levels of attachment anxiety are connected with frequent usage of social media. People monitor their partner’s whereabouts on Instagram like a hawk. This will only increase your paranoia. Are they cheating? Are they out with friends? Will they ever come home? These are some of the things that run through your head during these moments.

While you don’t have to watch each other every minute of the day, it’s never a good sign if your significant other is silent about where they’ve been, or what they’ve been up to. There’s definitely something fishy going on when your partner answers indirectly about their location. If this is the case, your best chance is to confront them about it and hope for the best.

Their body language is strange

Various studies on the role of body language in communication have found that only 7% of the information humans transmit to others is through speaking. About 38% is in how people speak, and 55% is through body language. This is anything from posture, position, eye contact, facial expression, and body movements. If your spouse pulls their body away from you during a conversation, it might be an indication that they have secrets. Similarly, chewing fingernails is a symptom of nsecurity or nervousness. It may be occurring because they have something to hide. Another technique to know whether your spouse is lying to you is to observe how they use their hands. If your spouse does not generally put their hands in their pockets, but suddenly begins to do so, it might be because they know they’re doing something wrong.

Their tone of voice shifts

Everyone has secrets they keep to themselves, but every relationship should be built on trust. It might be difficult to determine where to draw the line at times. Good communication is essential, but if your spouse wants to keep something hidden, you must know when to force them to reveal the truth. People’s voices tend to shift pitch depending on who they’re speaking to and how dominating they feel. A study discovered that when individuals lied, their pitch rose. Depending on how great the lie was, their pitch sometimes got even higher. If you notice a shift in the pitch of your partner’s voice, they may be lying. They may also clear their throat more frequently than normal or breathe forcefully. These are normal reactions when they’re anxious about something.

When you’re alone with them, they get fidgety

Keeping secrets might make your significant other feel anxious, especially when you’re alone together. They may sense the stress, which makes it difficult for them to remain quiet when there’s nothing else to distract them from you.

They’re more preoccupied with work

Have you noticed that your partner is now staying late at work? Do they have any unexpected meetings or overtime? Secretive partners always use work as an excuse to adjust their schedules. If your spouse has more reasons to stay late at work, or more business travels than usual, they may be using it as an excuse to hide something. Before we move ahead, here’s another video you might like. Watch and learn about 8 types of hugs, and what they say about your relationship.

They smell different than usual

If your spouse is engaging in a bad habit, they may try to conceal it by hiding their odor. This is a classic move. The sad part is that most of us have done it at one point or another. Even if we’re not hiding something from our partners. Are you hit with a massive whiff of Axe body spray the moment they walk through the door? They may be trying to hide a bad habit. But there’s other things you need to watch out for other than just spray. For example, if you notice they’ve just started chewing gum, or are constantly popping breath mints, they may be hiding a new smoking habit from you. They may also be trying to hide another person’s fragrance. This is a sign that they’re cheating, and obviously a massive red flag. It’s important to ask them why they’re smelling different. Just be straight up and honest.

Others feel self-conscious as a result of their actions

This occurs when your spouse makes a mistake, and wishes to divert focus away from themselves because they’re feeling guilty. They usually start blaming other people around them. As a result, you begin to feel self-conscious and guilty yourself. This is just their insecurity coming out. If you feel they’re hiding something from you at this moment, try your best to ask them, and get to the bottom of it.

They avoid making eye contact

You’ve probably heard that it’s important to make eye contact when chatting with someone. This is just being polite. But you might not understand how powerful eye contact can be in a relationship. Learning how to keep eye contact with your spouse might help you build your connection. When done on purpose, avoiding eye contact might indicate a problem in the relationship. Because the eyes convey a wide range of emotions, if your spouse avoids your stare, it could be because they don’t want you to see through them. You may notice terror in their eyes.

They blink far too frequently

We all know those people who blink their eyes like crazy. Sometimes, it’s a nervous tick. Other times, they’re hiding something. If your partner is blinking wildly all of a sudden, you should be concerned. Did you know that humans blink about 13,500 times every day? Blinking is the most common face activity. They’re among the quickest movements the human body can perform. In a discussion, blinking serves purposes other than physiological and cognitive ones. Blinking excessively might be a symptom of dishonesty. Lying may be difficult, and when stressed, the blink rate of the eyes increases. So, if you observe your companion blinking more than normal, they may be misleading you.

They retaliate

Guilt is a powerful emotion. If your spouse is aware that he or she is hurting you, they may become aggressive, or in extreme cases, abusive. If they have any type of conscience, keeping secrets from you will make them feel terrible. As a result, they behave weirdly to make you feel guilty, or to make you believe that you’re the one who has done something wrong. It’s all about the manipulator’s excuse. If you discover that someone who was previously charming and caring has transformed into a monster, it should raise a red flag. When trust is broken in a relationship, it can be tough to fix.

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