Lockdown Dating

Is lockdown the best time for Dating Apps?

Everyone around the world got confined to their homes due to COVID-19 lockdown. Kids are enjoying their holidays. Students might feel bored but can’t do much about it. Employees are working from home, some might be taking it lightly but few are feeling the pressure in completing the project work.

People who doesn’t have work from home option might be having their best time with family members. House wives work got increased as everyone is at home but they too are having a good time.

Dating Apps

There are alot of dating apps, some are specific to Indian’s and some are global. We will be shown profiles based on our location and other preferrences. People will be moving from place to place during normal days. So there are chances that we might miss few people who are near us.

Lockdown Helps

Now with lockdown there is no chance to go out and roam. So when you open the dating app you will get profiles who are actually near you. One more important point is no one can work for 10-15 hours or watch TV, Web Series or spend time with family members. Everyone feels to take a break and do something else. Why not try a dating app if you have chance to try.

If you are single or separated this might be the best time to try dating apps. You will get more time to talk and other person will also reply quickly as they are also in same situation.

So try some dating apps and find new people around you. Once the lockdown is over you can go and meet them.

Here is an app – give a try. #Homequarantine #Stayhome #Staysafe