Bill Gates

Is Bill Gates a Traitor?

Bill Gates needs no introduction. He has only been one of the founders of Microsoft. And the richest man in the world for longer than we care to remember. However, what would you say if we could tell you that the one and only Bill Gates could very well be a traitor?

Well, it’s not strictly true because it seems that even though he created Windows. When it came to his bespoke home being built, the architects either had no idea that they were going to see the real Bill Gates. Or they had no access to a Windows computer. Ultimately, it means that the house for Bill Gates was originally designed using an Apple computer.

Yes, for the designing aspect, the job was given over to the competition. And this should have led to a number of important developments. It allowed Gates to see where his technology was falling short. He does now have one of the most hi-tech homes in the world, but it must be slightly annoying that it was designed on a computer from the one company that is his main rival.

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