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Is Apple’s Family Sharing Safe and Secure?

Sharing our personal things or details with others comes with alot of challenges. Others might misuse them. There is no guarantee that the details we share with others will be safe. Apple tries to find a solution with the help of family sharing by keeping in mind personal privacy, saving money and helping each other when in need.

Apple’s Family Sharing Features

Family Sharing makes it easy for up to six family members to share Apple subscriptions, like Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, and Apple News+. On top of that, family groups can share App Store purchases. And an iCloud storage plan all without sharing an Apple ID.

One person, the family organizer, is in charge of setting up Family Sharing. They manage the group settings and features and can add kids to the group by creating an Apple ID just for them. The family organizer can invite up to five other people to the Family Sharing group. And every member needs their own Apple ID to join.

Family Sharing is set up on everyone’s Apple devices automatically. If purchase sharing is enabled, everyone will gain access to purchased music, movies, TV shows, most apps, and more. That way, the group can share individual purchases while using their own Apple ID.


All subscriptions and new App Store purchases will be billed to the organizer’s account. But don’t worry. Personal content stored on each family member’s device won’t be shared. Photos, videos, messages, and files will remain private. And if you don’t want to share certain apps or other purchases, you can hide them from the rest of the group.

Parental controls within Screen Time and Ask to Buy are designed for kids in the group. Ask to Buy lets the family organizer or another adult approve purchase and download requests.

Family groups can share iCloud storage too, giving everyone enough space to store photos, videos, and files without having to purchase separate plans. The group can share either 200 gigabytes or two terabytes of iCloud storage. Family members won’t have access to each other’s files. But you will be able to see how much storage everyone’s using.

To make it easy for your family to keep in touch. Each person can choose to share their location with other members of the group. And if they do choose to share, each family member and their devices will appear in a single list in the Find My app. It makes it easier to track down a misplaced or stolen device since the whole family can help.

That’s how Family Sharing can help groups stay connected and share their favorite content with their favorite people.

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