iPhone SE 2 - 2020

Interesting Facts About iPhone SE 2020

iPhone SE 2020, the second edition of iPhone SE was released on 15th April 2020. It comes with 4.7 inches screen with Retina HD Display. It houses A13 Bionic chip which is also present in iPhone 11 Pro. Headphone jack is removed.

Facts about iPhone SE 2

  1. Designed to last – SE will launch with iOS 13, which offers features to optimize battery charging and reduce the effects of battery aging.
  2. Made with better materials – 100% recycled rare earth elements in the Taptic Engine. 100% recycled tin in the solder of the main logic board. The Taptic Engine represents about 34 percent of the total rare earth elements used in the product.
  3. Energy efficient – 57% less energy used than the U.S. Department of Energy requirements for battery charger systems.
  4. iPhone SE life cycle carbon emissions – 84% Production, 3% Transport, 12% Use and <1% End-of-life processing.
  5. Packaging – 100% of the wood fiber comes from recycled and responsible sources. 92% of the packaging is fiber based, to use less plastic in packaging.
  6. Climate change – 100% of iPhone final assembly suppliers have committed to 100% renewable energy for Apple production.
  7. Package and Ship – 65% recycled content in fiber packaging. 100% of the virgin wood fiber in the packaging comes from responsibly managed forests.
  8. It uses 57 percent less energy than the energy conservation standard.

Buy SE from apple store – here.