iPhone SE 2 2020 Review & Buying Options

Indians, Don’t Buy iPhone SE 2, 2020

iPhone SE 2 starts at ₹42,500. It got the design of iPhone 8 with A13 Bionic Chip. A13 bionic chip is currently present in iPhone 11 Pro. Navigation feels smoother and faster compared to first generation iPhone SE. It houses a 12 MP wide camera, which has optical image stabilization. Camera can take portrait with bokeh effect, panorama, slow motion & time lapse videos. It has a digital zoom of 5x and can record 4K, 1080p, 720p videos.

Storage – GBPrice – ₹
iPhone SE2 Price in India

If you are already an iPhone user

If you are one among those few Indians who uses iPhone then iPhone SE 2 is not for you.

  • Users with iPhone 6, which is around 24K, you need to spend double the amount to get iPhone SE 2.
  • If you are using iPhone 7 then you need to spend 10K more for better speed. There is no big improvement in iPhone SE 2 battery & camera when compared to iPhone 7.
  • iPhone 8 users never think of buying iPhone SE 2 because you feel that you have bought the same phone again with faster app launch. You need to spend 5K more to get SE 2.
  • iPhone X & above users you can buy SE 2 if you want to downgrade your device. iPhone X 64 GB currently is sold at ₹70,000.

If you want slight upgrade in speed of the device and if you are using iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 series then you have to pay 24K & 10K more. iPhone 8 users better upgrade to iPhone X or 11.

If you are currently using iPhone SE 1 and if you don’t want to spend more for new phone then you can go for SE 2. But suggest you to continue to use your phone for one more year so that price of SE 2 might come down. But if you need to upgrade soon then keep in mind that you have to spend more than ₹40,000.

If you are an Android user

If you are an android user and if you want to enter into Apple community then keep in mind that you have to spend more money every year for accessories, repairs & new phones.

Unless you feel that having an iPhone will bring more popularity or craze among your neighbors don’t buy iPhone. Android community is big and competitive. You get better devices, services at a very good price.

Android users should continue to stay in the Android community because iPhones are produced only by Apple. Apple decides what should be there inside an iPhone. You don’t have any other option but to accept and pay the high price for the features they provide.

But it’s not the case in Android Community. There are many manufactures of Android devices. There is good and healthy competition among them. They are trying to give as many features as possible at a very reasonable and competitive price.

Final Thoughts

Existing iPhone users, as mentioned above don’t hurry and buy iPhone SE 2. You have better options like iPhone X and 11 series. Android users forget about iPhone SE 2 and enjoy the day.