Humans Didn’t Invent Glue

Glue is pretty cool, and it is certainly something that is very useful in a
number of ways, but did you know that humans (as we know them) were not the inventors?

Instead, archaeologists have discovered that the first-ever version of glue was created by the Neanderthals approximately 200,000 years ago.

We aren’t quite sure exactly how they made it, as there are several different options, but it seems that they used a type of tar that was manufactured from the birch tree. It even seems complicated to us at this moment in time, so you can only imagine how tough it was all of those years ago.

Okay, it might have been rudimentary glue, but it still worked and held the dangerous part onto the wooden shaft of a spear for hunting, so it was still pretty important.

So, the next time you use glue for anything, just give thanks to a species that has not existed for tens of thousands of years because without them who knows where we would be today.