Human Beings – Guinness World Records – 2019

Here are the list of Guinness World Records held by Human Beings as on 2019.

Longest fingernails on a hand

The fingernails on the left hand of Shridhar Chillal (IND) measure an aggregate length of 909.6 cm (29 ft 10.1 in), as verified on 17 Nov 2014 in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Shridhar began growing his nails in 1952, inspired by a teacher at his school. His longest individual nail, on the thumb, measures 197.8 cm (6 ft 5.8 in). If it could be straightened out, it would be taller than NBA basketball star Stephen Curry.

Shridhar’s nails have grown more fragile with age, making their accurate meas urement a delicate process. GWR adjudicators used string to mark off the nails’ lengths before gauging the string against a normal tape measure.

Heaviest Humans

The story of the heaviest humans on Earth is by turns turbulent, tragic and even uplifting. Record holders face a constant struggle, not only with their extreme size and fluctuating waistlines, but also the life-threatening health issues that accompany them.

Jon Brower Minnoch – A rare photograph of the heaviest man ever. At his peak of more than 1,400 lb (635 kg; 100 st), he weighed more than seven average adult men.

Robert Earl Hughes – This outsize American registered the largest chest measurement: 3.15 m (10 ft 4 in). He died in 1958.

Manuel Uribe – Peaking at 560 kg (1,234 lb 9 oz), Mexico’s Manuel was the heaviest man from 2006 to his death in 2014.

Billy and Benny McCrary – The heaviest twins (male): in Nov 1978, Billy weighed 337 kg (743 lb; 53 st) and Benny was 328 kg (723 lb; 51 st 9 lb).

Billy and Benny McCrary (both USA) found fame as professional wrestling
duo the McGuire Twins. Each boasted a waist measuring 2.13 m (6 ft 11.8 in). Billy died in a motorcycle accident in 1979, while Benny suffered hear t failure in 2001.

Heavy at delivery

Heaviest woman to give birth – Donna Simpson of New Jersey, USA, weighed 532 lb (241 kg; 38 st) when she delivered daughter Jacqueline in Feb 2007. The birth took place at Akron City Hospital in Ohio, USA, carried out by a team of 30 medical professionals. Jacqueline weighed 8 lb 7 oz (3.8 kg) at birth – around 1/60th of her mother’s weight.

Heaviest quadruplets ever born – Tina Saunders (UK) gave birth to two girls and two boys weighing a combined total of 10.4 kg (22 lb 15.7 oz) at
St Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey, Surrey, UK, on 7 Feb 1989.

The heaviest triplets ever born weighed a total of 24 lb (10.9 kg) and were born to Mary McDermott (UK) on 18 Nov 1914.

Highest rate of female obesity – According to the World Health Organization, 63.3% of the female population of Nauru are classed as clinically obese, as of 2016. The next highest nation on the list is the Cook Islands on 59.2%, with Palau third on 58.8%. The Marshall Islands and Tuvalu make up the top five, with 57.3% and 56.2% respectively.

Human Beings Living

Heaviest living woman

Pauline Potter (USA) weighed 293.6 kg (647 lb; 46 st) when measured in Sacramento, California, USA, in Jul 2012. She attributes her weight problems to her childhood, when she regularly had to
go without food. Following gastric bypass surgery, Pauline shed almost 150 lb (68 kg; 10 st), but continues to battle with her weight.

Heaviest living man

Juan Pedro Franco Salas Weighing in at 594.8 kg (1,311 lb 4.9 oz; 93 st 9 lb) in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, on 18 Dec 2016, Juan Pedro is the heaviest living man. He had suffered from morbid obesity since childhood, his condition exacerbated by an injury he sustained aged 17. In Nov 2016, the 32-year-old left his bedroom for the first time in seven years to undergo life-saving treatment in hospital.


He was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, hypertension and liquid in his lungs. By May 2017, Juan Pedro had lost 170 kg (374 lb; 26 st 10 lb) – roughly the weight of two kangaroos – and was able to have gastric bypass surgery. It was hoped that this procedure would help him to cut his body weight in half.

Following his gastric bypass surgery, Juan Pedro has embarked upon a new dietary and exercise regime which has seen him lose a third of his body weight. Aided by a team of 30 health professionals, he is hoping to reduce his weight still further – with a target of 120 kg (264 lb; 19 st).

Heaviest sportswoman

Sumo wrestler Sharran Alexander (UK) weighed 448 lb (203.2 kg; 32 st) on 15 Dec 2011. She took up the sport in her early 40s, participating in the Sumo World Championships having won a 2006 reality TV show. Sharran went on to compete in competitions around the world, winning four gold medals and attaining second Kyū grade.

Tallest married couple

Tallest married couple Sun Mingming and his wife Xu Yan (both CHN) stand 236.17 cm (7 ft 8.98 in) and 187.3 cm (6 ft 1.74 in) tall respectively. They had a combined height of 423.47 cm (13 ft 10.72 in) on 14 Nov 2013 when measured in Beijing, China. They had married there on 4 Aug that year.

Shortest married couple

Shortest married couple Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and Katyucia Lie Hoshino (both BRA), who married on 17 Sep 2016, have a combined height of 181.41 cm (5 ft 11.42 in). Paulo is 90.28 cm (2 ft 11.54 in) tall and Katyucia measures 91.13 cm (2 ft 11.88 in), as verified in Itapeva, São Paulo, Brazil, on 3 Nov 2016.

Tallest teenager ever

Tallest teenager ever By the age of 17, Robert Wadlow (USA, 1918–40) had grown to a height of 245 cm (8 ft 0.5 in). The tallest teenager ever (female) is Anna Haining Swan (CAN, 1846–88), whose height peaked at 241.3 cm (7 ft 11 in) when she was 17. On 17 Jun 1871, Anna married Martin van Buren Bates, who stood 236.22 cm (7 ft 9 in) tall.

Largest hands on a teenager

Largest hands on a teenager The right hand belonging to Mathu-Andrew Budge (UK, b. 28 Dec 2001) is 22.5 cm (8.85 in) long from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger, while his left is 22.2 cm (8.74 in). He was measured on 13 Feb 2018 in London, UK, aged 16 years 47 days. Mathu-Andrew also has the largest feet on a teenager (male). His left foot is 32.95 cm (12.97 in) long, and his right 32.85 cm (12.93 in). He wears a UK shoe size 18.

Shortest Man

Shortest Man ever Chandra Bahadur Dangi (NPL, 1939–2015) measured 54.6 cm (1 ft 9.5 in) tall, as verified in Lainchaur, Kathmandu, Nepal, on 26 Feb 2012. At the time, Chandra weighed 14.5 kg (31 lb 15.47 oz) and claimed to be 72 years old.

Shortest Woman

Shortest Woman ever Pauline Musters (NLD, aka “Princess Pauline”) was born on 26 Feb 1876 and measured just over 1 ft (30 cm) at birth. She died of pneumonia with meningitis in New York City, USA, on 1 Mar 1895. A post-mortem examination showed her to be exactly 2 ft (61 cm) tall.

Shortest men and women

Jyoti Amge (IND) was 62.8 cm (2 ft 0.7 in) tall when measured in Nagpur, India, on 16 Dec 2011, making her the shortest living woman. The shortest living man is Khagendra Thapa Magar (NPL), who stands 67.08 cm (2 ft 2.41 in) tall, as confirmed at Fewa City Hospital in Pokhara, Nepal, on 14 Oct 2010.

Madge Bester (ZAF) is just 65 cm (2 ft 1.5 in) tall, making her the shortest living non-mobile woman. She suffers from Osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease, and is confined to a wheelchair. The shortest living non-mobile man is Junrey Balawing (PHL, left), who was 59.93 cm (1 ft 11.5 in) tall when measured at Sindangan Health Centre in Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines, on 12 Jun 2011.

Longest legs (female)

Russia’s Ekaterina Lisina has legs that measure 132.8 cm (4 ft 4.2 in) and 132.2 cm (4 ft 4 in) for the left leg and right leg respectively, taken from the heel to the top of the hip. That’s more than twice the height of the shortest woman ever. Their length was confirmed in Penza, Russia, on 13 Jun 2017. Ekaterina is also the tallest professional model, with a height confirmed at 205.16 cm (6 ft 8.77 in) in Labinsk, Russia, on 20 Jul 2017.

Tallest athlete at the Paralympic Games (male)

Morteza Mehrzad Selakjani (IRN), who is 246 cm (8 ft 0.85 in) tall, competed as a sitting volleyball player at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 7 to 18 Sep. He has a condition known as acromegaly, caused by an overactive pituitary gland. Symptoms include enlarged hands, feet and facial features.

Tallest living man

Sultan Kösen (TUR) stood 251 cm (8 ft 2.8 in) tall when measured in Ankara, Turkey, on 8 Feb 2011. On 26 Oct 2013, his dream of finding a soulmate came true: he married 175-cm-tall (5-ft 9-in) Merve Dibo in Mardin, Turkey. He also has the largest hands for a living person, verified at 28.5 cm (11.22 in) from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger when last measured on 8 Feb 2011.

Tallest living woman

Siddiqa Parveen (IND) measured at least 222.2 cm (7 ft 3.4 in) tall in Dec 2012. Owing to ill health, she has been unable to stand upright, so it has proved impossible to ascertain her exact stature. However, Dr Debashish Saha – of the Fortis Hospital in Kolkata, India – who performed the measurements, estimated her standing height to be at least 233.6 cm (7 ft 8 in).

Shortest comedian

Imaan Hadchiti (LBN/AUS), who is 102.5 cm (3 ft 4.3 in) tall, has been on the comedy circuit in Australia and the UK since 2005. Imaan and his sister Rima are the only known people with Rima Syndrome, resulting in short stature but usual-sized proportions. He began his career, aged 15, by winning Australia’s Class Clown national stand-up contest.

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