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How to win or melt a woman’s heart?

Every woman is special and should be treated as such. Yes, it’s true that times have changed and chivalry has become rare these days, but it isn’t dead yet. It’s alive and kicking, if you decide to practice it. Some things don’t change with time. And women’s love for courteous, charming men that make them feel special and loved is one of them. You don’t have to make grand gestures to show your chivalrous side. The secret lies in doing a few simple things that can change you from “just another guy” into “Prince Charming.” Here are few things you can do that will melt any woman’s heart. From cleaning the house, being loyal to her, showing love to children, making her laugh often, to being nice to her friends and more

Offering a jacket when she’s cold:

When a man gives up his jacket for a woman without her asking for it, he’s showing that he’s worried about her being cold. It also proves that he cares for her wellbeing, even if it means forgoing his own comfort. Have you ever offered a jacket or been offered one by someone that you liked? Does that person still exist in your life?

Opening Doors to melt a woman’s heart:

What does opening a door for a woman say to her? Well, it says that the man who’s not too lazy to get out of the car to open the car door for his lady is at the least, attentive and well-mannered. It says that it’s important for him to know that his girlfriend feels safe and comfortable. This is an easy gesture that can seem insignificant at first but may lay the foundation of her favorable impression.

Send A Cute Morning Text Message:

There’s nothing sweeter for a woman than waking up to a “Good morning, beautiful!” text message from the guy she’s into. It’s such a simple gesture, and it’ll go such a long way. After all, have you ever met a girl that didn’t like to be called beautiful and be reminded that you think of her when you wake up?

Ask Her How Her Day Was:

Taking an interest in her and asking even simple questions will mean a lot to her. Women are used to dealing with guys who don’t put even the minimal amount of effort into them. So, when you sincerely care to ask how her day went or how she’s doing and you truly seem to care, you’re chipping away at the defensive armor she’s wearing.

How Driven You Are Towards Your Goals:

If you are one of those lazy guys that are content to just barely get by in life, good luck getting a woman to stick around. They may hang around for a little bit but when it becomes clear that just enough is all you can manage to do, then eventually she’ll move on. They want a man that has big goals and has a game plan to tackle them. A man with the drive to achieve what they want in life is very attractive to a woman. A man just skating by is well just begging for them to leave.

Clean the House:

It’s time to kill those stereotypes that say a man earns the bacon and the woman takes care of the house. There is nothing more annoying than a guy who won’t pick up a broom or load the dishwasher. You want a woman to melt for you, show her that you are equal partners in the household and that you can and will clean the house. If you sit around playing video games while she slaves away cleaning the house it will create nothing, but anger and frustration. When you do clean don’t expect a round of applause unless you plan to do the same for her every time she cleans something. Doing the laundry doesn’t earn you praise. It lets her know you care and appreciate her.

Be Humble to melt a woman’s heart:

Have you ever been around someone that seems obsessed with themselves? These are the people you can only take in small doses because you can definitely have too much. The last thing you want is for a woman to get sick and tired of hanging out with you. If she can’t enjoy your company because all you can do is talk about you, she will go looking for someone else who can think of other people who aren’t themselves. A humble man that isn’t always seeking credit, who doesn’t brag, and may even let someone else occasionally take credit for something they did can be one attractive quality. They don’t want you to be a doormat, but neither do they want you to be obsessed with yourself. A nice balance is attractive.

Trust Her:

Women need to be able to go about their day without having an inquisition at the end of the day or every time they see you. If you send them a text every hour wondering where she is, with whom, and what is she doing, then she will get the message loud and clear. She will get that you don’t trust her and that too when she hasn’t given you any reason to not trust her. So if you just assume that she is doing something wrong, then maybe you are the one misbehaving and she needs to watch out for you. It will also create a tense environment ripe for anger and hostility. If you don’t trust her, then even she won’t trust you either.

Introduce Her To Everyone:

A gentleman won’t hesitate to immediately introduce his lady whenever they meet a friend on the street or at the restaurant. This is because he knows for sure that it’s the right thing to do, to make her feel welcomed, appreciated, and at ease with the situation. He will never leave his lady behind since he sincerely cares about her feelings and is always proud of being with her.

Be Loyal to win a woman’s heart:

It shouldn’t need to be said that a man whose eyes don’t wander is a valuable and attractive quality. If women are going to open themselves up to you and be attracted to you, then they need to know that they can trust you. That you aren’t going to have some side action going on. They want to be your one and only and if you can’t do that it will be a definite deal breaker. And not just that, they might even go out of their way to make sure every woman they know are well informed all about you and your dirty ways. This could seriously hurt your chances of having any woman at all be attracted to you.

Show Interest in Her Past:

These include old photographs, medals she won from childhood, letters from her past, old scars, old lovers, reasons why, reasons why not, anything and everything about her. All these little parts of the past make up who she is today. Nothing beats your telling a woman you like, that you accept her wholeheartedly for her vulnerabilities. Also, never ever use anything of her past to win an argument. Because the past is as good as forgotten and nothing good will come out of it.

Make Her Laugh Often:

One of the most important traits that women dig is a sense of humour. They have more than enough problems to deal with and don’t really need the company of another equally depressed soul. Yes, you have your bad days, but it does go a long way if you have a good sense of humour, and a clean one at that. Beware, taking a dig at others and constantly putting others down do not really spell fun for women. And we can’t tell you enough how much they love men who can laugh at themselves and their own mistakes.

Be Nice To Her Friends:

Her friends have been there for her through thick and thin, so it’s super important that you get along with them. Make the effort to be extra nice to her bestie, and participate in group events with her and her friends. Not only will she love it, but her friends will be nudging her towards you, as well.

Get Creative And Plan A Date:

Not only does this show her your fun and creative side, it confirms the fact that you like her enough to make an effort. The guys in her past probably thought planning a date meant inviting her over for a Netflix and chill session, so taking her out will mean a lot to her. It doesn’t mean you have to do something extravagant, just putting some thought into it will make all the difference.

Love Animals to win a woman’s heart:

A woman’s heart will melt if you can play with her beloved dog, cat, or even guinea pig like they were your own. They won’t be attracted to someone who thinks it is okay to be mean or cruel to animals. Women by nature have a lot of empathy and feel things deeply. Cruelty to animals is downright sickening to most of them. If you can treat animals with the love and respect they deserve, you will be irresistible.

Show Interest In Children:

Women have a hidden talent. They can subconsciously determine if a man is interested in children by their facial reactions. This is to determine if such men are ready for a long-term relationship. Could it be easier? Just follow any child with your eyes and smile and the heart of your beloved woman is conquered.

Final Thoughts

Every woman is different and it is not easy to melt a woman’s heart. Have patience and try out the above suggestions and find out if you can win a woman’s heart. Signs that you have trust issues – check here. Download untold story android app and share your feelings or confessions – here.

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