Apple Watch Guide - Blood Oxygen app

How to use your Latest Apple Watch & the Blood Oxygen app?

Here’s a guide to using the Digital Crown, side button, and gestures to get the most from your Apple Watch. Learn how to respond to messages, catch up on your notifications, change settings in Control Center, use Apple Pay, and more. Get to know your Apple Watch by trying out the taps swipes, and presses you’ll be using most. Here are some helpful navigation tips and features.

Respond to a message

Let’s say your friend sends you a message. To respond right away, raise your wrist to see the notification then scroll to the bottom of the message using the Digital Crown, or by swiping on the screen. Here, you’ll see some quick reply options. Tap to choose a reply, like an emoji and then tap to pick one.

View notifications

If your notifications have been stacking up. You can see them all in one place in Notification Center. Just swipe down from the top of your watch face. And scroll through Once you’re all caught up, You can clear notifications from this list by scrolling to the notification you want to delete. swiping left across it and tapping the X. To clear all of your notifications at once, scroll to the top and tap Clear All.

Open Control Center

Control Center gives you quick access to settings like Do Not Disturb, the Ping iPhone button, and more. Touch and hold the bottom edge of the watch face and then swipe up to access it from any screen. You can close Control Center by swiping down from the top of the watch face or pressing the Digital Crown.

Use Apple Pay on Apple Watch

To make a purchase with Apple Pay double-click the side button, and bring your watch display near the contactless reader. You’ll feel a gentle tap and hear a chime when the transaction is complete.

Change Apple Watch face

Want a fresh look for your Apple Watch? Swipe left or right from one edge of the screen to swap in a different watch face saved in your collection. Or, touch and hold the watch face And swipe all the way to the left to add something new.

Use Siri on Apple Watch

Want to use Siri instead of tapping and swiping onscreen? Press and hold the Digital Crown then say something like “Play my ‘Staycation’ playlist”.

Return to watch face

To return to your watch face when you’re done using an app press the Digital Crown.

Return to last-used app

To quickly return to the last app you were using just double-click the Digital Crown.

Open the Dock

To see all your recently used apps in the Dock, press the side button on your Apple Watch from any screen.

Call for help, turn off Apple Watch, and turn on Apple Watch

If you need to make an emergency call press and hold the side button to find Emergency SOS, which lets you quickly call for help and send a message with your location to your emergency contacts. From here, you can also turn off your Watch. To turn it back on again, just press and hold the side button.

How to set up and use the Blood Oxygen app on Apple Watch?

You can measure your blood oxygen levels with the Blood Oxygen app on Watch Series 6. Here’s how. To set up the Blood Oxygen app, Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone with iOS 14 or later. Tap Blood Oxygen, then tap Enable. If you set up your Apple Watch with Family Setup, the Blood Oxygen app won’t be available. Follow the onscreen steps to finish setup. To take a measurement, make sure your Apple Watch Series 6 is snug and on the wrist you selected in the Apple Watch app.

Open the Blood Oxygen app on your Watch. Keep your wrist flat with your Watch facing up, and stay still, then tap Start. The measurement takes 15 seconds to complete, so it’s best to rest your arms on a table or in your lap during this time. Once it’s complete, you’ll receive your results. Tap Done to finish.

Watch the setup video – click here.

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