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How to Stop Asian Hate? Why there is rise in incidents of racist?

Stop Asian Hate – Racism is nothing new. But until recently there were rarely headlines about discrimination against Asians in America. There is rise in incidents of racist and often violent attacks against Asian Americans. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, we have seen time and time again captured on video. Asians attacked across the country.

Situation in Texas – Stop Asian Hate

Some people have said “oh! well, none of that was here in Texas”. But that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Here are few incidents –

  • In San Antonio an Asian restaurant was graffiti’ed “Go back to China” was written on the wood.
  • The words “Kung flu” were sprayed on the windows.
  • In Dallas, a star’s employee was fired for writing a message on the next door app. That promoted violence against people from China.
  • In midland an Asian American family was stabbed at a Sam’s club. It left a father and his two and six-year-old children hospitalized. The FBI confirms it was a hate crime, saying the suspect thought the family was Chinese, infecting people with coronavirus.

Impact of Donald Trump

Some believe that the increase in hate against Asians is fueled by the words of former President Donald Trump. “COVID, to be specific COVID-19, that name gets further and further away from China as opposed to calling it the Chinese Virus. I can name Kung Flu.” Donald Trump denied racist remarks by saying “It’s not racist at all. Virus comes from China”.

Asian Hate incidents

Dr Russell Jung is a professor of Asian American studies at San Francisco state university and co-founder of Stop AAPI Hate. AAPI stands for Asian-American Pacific Islander. The more people feel free to say things that are derogatory that are demeaning the more they feel free to attack and to hit.

His organization collected data from across the country between march 2020 and february 2021. Total of 3795 incidents of anti-Asian hate recorded. 103 of those in Texas. Texas also has 20% of the cases are physical assaults. That’s a higher percentage than the rest of the nation. And keep in mind all the cases that go unreported and unpunished.

A report by the center for the study of hate and extremism found an overall decrease of hate crimes in 2020 by about 7 percent. But among Asian Americans that number went up 149 percent in 2020.

How to Stop Asian Hate?

Speaking out is the first step. Break the silence. We all are one race. We are the human race. No matter what color, everyone needs to be a part of this conversation. Step in when you see wrong, report any and all incidents. Educate yourself and those around you and together we can Stop Asian Hate.