schooltime on apple watch

How to set up Schooltime on Apple Watch?

Help your child focus during school hours by setting limits on apps and notifications on their Apple Watch. With Schooltime, you can restrict apps and notifications on your child’s Apple Watch during school hours to help them stay focused. Here’s how, starting in watchOS 7.

How to schedule Schooltime on Apple Watch?

Before you start, use Family Setup to pair your child’s Apple Watch with your iPhone. This will let your child use an Apple Watch without needing their own iPhone. Let’s start with setting up a Schooltime schedule. In the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, tap All Watches tap the info button next to your child’s watch and then tap Schooltime.

Here, you can turn Schooltime on or off. To schedule Schooltime, tap Edit Schedule. You can have a different Schooltime schedule for every day of the week if you like. Tap to select your child’s Schooltime hours and then tap the arrow to go back Your child will receive a notification on their Apple Watch to let them know that their Schooltime schedule has changed.

You can turn Schooltime on or off manually or change the schedule anytime, even while your child is at school or at a different location than you.

How Schooltime works?

Your child will receive a reminder on their Apple Watch five minutes before Schooltime starts. Then, Schooltime will turn on automatically at your scheduled time. It activates Do Not Disturb and disables raise-to-wake, so the display stays dark to help your child avoid distractions. Your child will still be able to receive calls from you but all other notifications will be silenced. Your child can tap the display to wake it up. Schooltime has its own watch face that turns on automatically, showing a yellow ring along with the date and time.

How to disable it temporarily?

During a scheduled Schooltime window your child will not be able to turn off Schooltime, but they can temporarily disable it by turning the Digital Crown until it unlocks scrolling down, and tapping Exit. Schooltime will become active again once the display goes dark.

Your child’s regular watch face will reappear when Schooltime is over. If your child wants to turn Schooltime on outside of their scheduled hours, like while they’re studying, they can turn it on manually from Control Center. Just touch and hold the bottom of the display and swipe up. and then tap the Schooltime icon.

How to review your child’s Schooltime activity?

At the end of the day, you can review how many times your child unlocked their watch during school. Just return to your child’s Apple Watch settings on your iPhone and tap Schooltime. You’ll see a summary showing each time your child unlocked their watch, and for how long. Watch the tutorial video here.