Google Pay Send Money

How To Send Money To Those Who Are Not Using the Google Pay app?

Google Pay enables you to connect to your bank accounts using your registered mobile number. You can send to anyone with mobile number or bank account number, pay rents or pay salaries with zero fees, 24*7. You can also earn cash back for some of the transactions. Money gets credited to your account immediately.

Can We send money to anyone in India, even those who may not use the Google Pay app?

Yes, you can send money to anyone in India with Google Pay. You just need their account number and branch name or IFSC code if they are not using the app. If they are also using app then add their mobile number to your contacts. And you can send money to them using mobile number.

Follow these steps to send money to a person who is not using the app or if the person is using a basic phone.

  • Open the Google Pay app.
  • On the Home Screen of the app tap on “New Payment”.
  • Tap on Bank Transfer.
  • Enter the recipient’s account number and IFSC Code.
    • You can search for IFSC Code with branch name.
  • Follow the On Screen steps and complete transaction.
  • You will get a notification.

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