Messages in Mac

How to send messages from your Mac?

Starting in macOS Big Sur, you can send message effects, pin conversations, and more, straight from Messages on your Mac. You can also mention and reply directly to friends, and use iMessage apps right from your Mac.

How to add name and photo to group

  • Open Messages and then click info icon and then click Change Group Name and Photo.
  • Add a name by clicking the text field and then type what you’d like.
  • You can add a photo by choosing one from Photos, or from another folder on your Mac. You can also pick an emoji, add up to two initials or choose from suggested emoji or Memoji.

When you change the group name and photo, it will update for everyone in the group.

How to pin conversations

You can pin up to nine conversations to the top of your conversation list. Just press and hold the Control key and click a conversation then, click Pin. You can also add or remove a pinned conversation by dragging and dropping it.

How to reply directly to a message?

Want to respond to something from earlier in the conversation, or directly to someone in a group chat? Press the Option key and click the message you want to respond to and then click Reply.

How to mention a friend?

Need to get someone’s attention? Try mentioning them. To mention a friend in a conversation, type their name as it appears in your contacts then click their name and click the contact card to confirm you want to mention them. Their name will appear highlighted in blue. When you send your message, they’ll get a notification even if they’ve muted the conversation.

How to use iMessage apps?

You can also use your favorite iMessage apps. Click the app drawer and you can send a message with Photos, Memoji stickers, hashtag images, if you’d like to add a GIF and Message Effects. Just type your message, pick an effect, and click send.

Those are a few ways to use Messages on your Mac. Now you’re ready to start chatting with your friends. Learn how to send group messages on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch – click here.