iOS Group Messages

How to send group messages on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch?

How to personalize the way your group messages look on iPhone? You can add a name and photo, mention and reply to friends directly, and customize how you receive notifications. In Messages, it’s easy to keep up with the group chat. Now you can give your conversations a fun new look, mention a friend directly, and more. Here’s how, starting in iOS 14.

How to change the group name and photo?

To do this, tap the top of the message, then tap info and then tap Change Name and Photo. Give your group a name, by tapping the text field. Now what about a picture? You can tap to take one with the camera, choose one from Photos, pick an emoji add up to two initials or choose from suggested emoji or Memoji.

How to reply directly to a specific message?

You can also respond directly to a message in a thread. All you have to do is double-tap the message you want to respond to and tap Reply. This takes you into a more focused view of the thread. You can also get here by tapping a reply bubble, or the blue Replies button. To go back to the full conversation, tap anywhere outside the conversation bubbles.

How to mention someone in group messages?

Need to get someone’s attention? To direct a message to a specific person in your group, just type their name, Tap it. Then tap their contact card to confirm. When a person is mentioned, their name will appear highlighted in the conversation and they will receive a notification by default, even if they have the conversation muted.

And that’s group messages!

Now you’ll always be able to keep up with the group chat.

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