Lalli Grow Account

How to promote or grow your social accounts for free?

Promoting your social accounts is hectic and it requires lot of money. There are many fake people who take your money but doesn’t do any good to grow your accounts. There some services which are of type give & take. You need to support other’s accounts and in-turn they will support you. But there is no guarantee that they will support your permanently.

Here is an app in which you can place all your social accounts at one place and promote them. You can easily get more users to visit all your social accounts from one place. The app is cutely names as LALLI.

Share & Grow

This is the place where you can share your social profiles with the world. You can add your Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogs, Websites, Reddit & many more.

You can showcase all your accounts at one place. Let the world know about your social accounts. You can also add your contact e-mail & mobile number.


Browse through all the profiles and visit their social accounts. People are sharing their accounts to promote or grow their accounts for free. Check out their wonderful accounts. Like, Follow or Subscribe to their accounts or channels.


  • Lalli app is not made to manage your social accounts.
  • App allows you to list all your social accounts at one place.
  • Lalli app doesn’t ask for your social account’s password.

How to use the Lalli app to grow?

  1. Download and install the app
  2. Open the app and login with your google account
  3. Add your photo
  4. Add your social accounts, with name and profile link
  5. Browse through other user profiles
  6. Add or Modify your social accounts

Share your details and have a happy browsing through all the profiles. Lalli is made Only For You With Love. Download LALLI app from Google Play Store – Lalli – Share Your Social Profiles – Apps on Google Play