Honey For Flies

How to Keep Flies Away From You?

Flies are annoying, and it can often feel as if they are just never to leave you alone, which is then going to drive you insane. However, an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh came up with his very own idea that apparently worked even though we would not go ahead and recommend it as an option.

Pharaoh Pepi II came up with the idea that flies loved honey, so if you had something covered in honey, it would attract the flies and they would then leave you alone. You must admit that it sounds perfectly plausible as an option, but he did then go ahead and do something a bit different to what we would recommend.

Instead, of getting various objects and smearing them in honey, the Pharaoh would have some slaves stripped naked and then covered in honey to use as bait for the flies. They would then have to literally hang around the King whenever he wanted them to so the flies would leave him alone and he could live in peace. Of course, this would now go against so many laws in any country you care to mention, but then if you were also the King of somewhere, the laws may not really apply.

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