How to flirt with girls? – III


Level – 3

Sprinkle these innocent words into conversations with a cheeky grin on your face so she knows you’re not really trying to hypnotise her. Then tease her for having a dirty mind when she blushes.

Deep inside, Long, Hard, Wild, Wet, Feels good, Again and again, Fast, Slow, Open, Ride, Behind, Strong


Take out your phone at any point on the date and pretend to take a fake call from your grandmother, making sure she knows you’re hamming it up for comedic effect. Pretend to tell granny all about this crazy, man-eating girl you’ve recently met.

“Granny, hi! I’ll have to call you back as I’m courting a young lady at the moment. You’ll never guess how we met….I know, very strange….she stopped me in the street and told me I had a cute ass……I know, incredible. She looks very pretty but she’s got a wild side to her. It’s her small size….can’t be trusted….but yes….I do want to kiss her but I haven’t told her yet…I’ll try after I come back from the bathroom…”


  • Holding up your drink and saying “Oops, think that was the beer talking!” after saying something directly sexual about her is a great way to neutralize the pull with a push.
  • Your lips are very kissable…..oops, think that was the beer talking!
  • You’ve got such a good ass……oops, think that was the beer talking!


Have a one-way conversation with yourself, doing her part of the conversation in a parody voice of hers. Pretend to have a glove puppet on your hand to make it even funnier.

  • “I’m so lucky to have met you Tom.”
  • “Wow, Emma, that’s very kind of you to say that…!”
  • “I feel like I’ve won the lottery, sitting next to you….you’re the most interesting man in the world!”


The essential thing is to “agree and amplify” each of her questions with a flirty, fun answer. You must avoid getting reactive or jumping through her hoops. These “tests” are a great way of showing her your strength as a guy by “holding the frame.”

Why are you not married?
I don’t have a wife, correct…I have five wives, one for each day Monday through Friday. I need the weekend off to recover, my body’s a temple

Why don’t you want kids?
I do…2 kids with each of my five wives. When they’re older I’ll hold a talent competition between them and see who’s got the most potential, then I’ll choose the best two to join the circus and they can support me financially

Do you always stop girls in the street?
I normally sit in a dark bedroom on the internet looking for mail order Thai brides

You are a player / bad boy etc
Correct, I’m the guy your mother warned you about…! You should leave before we have wild sex here in the bar with everyone watching

How old are you?
Too old for you…I’m 85 but I’ve had a lot of surgery

TEXTING (“textual intercourse”)

Remember that the idea of texting is to get her out, not to engage in days or weeks of back-and-forth flirtatious banter.

Spiking over text comes with a health warning as she can’t see you facial expressions or feel your warm vibe. The use of emoticons can help with this.

The question mark + exclamation mark (?!) combination also works well to lighten the vibe.

To bridge the gap between getting her number and asking her on a date, or between two dates, send “ping” messages to her that are light and fun to keep you in her mind. Don’t ask her boring needy questions like “How are you?” or “What are you up to?”

A funny statement works much better to stimulate her emotions and get her replying automatically. A question can be tagged onto the end of the statement, but make it interesting like “What mischief have you been causing?!” or “Are you behaving?!”

Avoid anything too sexual over text as it’s very hard to calibrate. The golden rule is ping until she’s happily engaging, then get her out!

Ping Samples –

  • Just seen a man hit by a pigeon. Ouch 😉
  • In the zoo trying to hide my nephew’s eyes from the mating elephants 😉
  • Eating a [your favourite food] and watching boxing. Caveman [your name] 😉


If a girl replied to your initial text but then went quiet, or you’ve been texting a girl and then it fades out, wait at least 48 hours and then try a re-engage text. It’s amazing what you can resurrect with a witty ping. As long as it’s not coming from a place of scarcity, you can sometimes breath life into seemingly dead leads.

Samples –

  • I saw you [activity she told you she likes] with another guy! We are getting divorced, call the lawyer 😉
  • Have you been kidnapped?! Tell them I’ll pay the ransom…
  • LOL, have you been turned into a cat? I just saw one that looked exactly like you
  • How are you future ex wife? I’ve handed in the divorce papers, there’s still time to talk it through over that drink on Tuesday…

The End


Flirting with girls and getting a good reaction is addictive. Lots of the pick-up videos you see online consist of just this stuff. It’s like rocket fuel.

However, as with any fuel, flirtatious attraction is vaporous, meaning it vanishes as quickly as it appears. It’s also volatile in that it can get out of control and ruin a potentially solid pick up. “Doing too much”, “trying too hard” or becoming “Mr Entertainer Dancing Monkey” is what we want to avoid. Think of these flirtatious spikes as the spices in a bland dish. Too much and the dish is ruined.

You’ve got to remember what the point of flirtation is. Playful teasing generates attraction. Attraction means the girl likes you and she’s hooked off your approach. Now it’s time to show her that you’re a normal guy and build rapport with her, or go into seduction if you’re on a date.


Flirtation has to come from a place of positivity. Sub-communicating this is vital. You need to have twinkling eyes and a boyish grin to pull it off. She has to know that you’re teasing her because you like her.

How to use this guide?

Like with any other skill, learning to flirt effectively takes practice. A lot of practice. The good news is that you can do it in baby steps rather than trying to become a master seducer all in one go.

Try implementing one or two teases each time you go out to meet girls and see the responses you get. “Field testing” this material is key, bit by bit.

Learn to be flirtatious with anyone and everyone. It doesn’t always have to be sexual. Just breaking rapport in a fun way is key. The old lady on the bus, the girl serving you your morning coffee, the postman delivering ing your mail. You’ll start to see that everyone loves quirky conversations that break the normal groundhog day chats that most people have on autopilot.

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