How to flirt with girls? – II

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How to use this guide?

Like with any other skill, learning to flirt effectively takes practice. A lot of practice. The good news is that you can do it in baby steps rather than trying to become a master seducer all in one go.

Try implementing one or two teases each time you go out to meet girls and see the responses you get. “Field testing” this material is key, bit by bit.

Learn to be flirtatious with anyone and everyone. It doesn’t always have to be sexual. Just breaking rapport in a fun way is key. The old lady on the bus, the girl serving you your morning coffee, the postman delivering your mail. You’ll start to see that everyone loves quirky conversations that break the normal groundhog day chats that most people have on autopilot.

Making others smile will produce a positive feedback loop where you’ll feel good too, reinforcing the idea that what you’re doing is right. Win-win interactions is what we’re after, way beyond picking up girls.

Even though this guide presents the flirting spikes as lists, only experiment with a few at a time. Personalise them, find out which ones resonate with you and tweak them to match your character.

A good mantra to have when starting out in Game is to say to yourself “better too far than not enough,” so if you’re the quiet, timid Mr Nice Guy type then it’s ok to try breaking rapport too much when approaching to see where the line is.

Remember to always “fractionate” your spikes – i.e. break rapport then make rapport, so you’re both cold and hot. It’s part of universal push-pull that the seducer creates sexual tension by showing that he wants the girl but doesn’t need her, that there’s intent but also freedom from outcome.

Lines you can use –

Level -1

  • That’s pretty cool…for a girl!
  • Don’t worry, I still like you!
  • You get a point for that….if you get to 10 points you win a prize!
  • If you were walking any slower you’d be going backwards!
  • My mother warned me about girls from your place…cute but dangerous!
  • My mother warned me about [her profession]…cute but dangerous!
  • You’ve got such a guilty look on your face, like you’ve done something naughty….like stealing a biscuit from your mum’s cookie jar!
  • You’re very cute, like a squirrel!
  • You’re very cute, like a chipmunk!
  • Your legs are so a flamingo!
  • I love how tall you are, like an elegant giraffe!
  • The black & white combination reminds me of a zebra!
  • The pink look reminds me of Hello Kitty!
  • Kitten on the outside, tiger on the inside!
  • The fur coat reminds me of a bear…did you kill it yourself?!
  • The sound of your heels made me think a horse was coming…!
  • Your bright hair made me think that a parrot had escaped…!
  • I’m from the fun police…you’re not allowed to have that much fun!
  • I love how dreamily you were ambling down the street….either you’ve just meditated or you’re high!
  • I love how you were flying down the street like you were on a mission to save the world like Superwoman!
  • I love how you were multi-tasking as you walked along, checking your phone and wearing those heels….I tried it but ended up in hospital!
  • Are you trying to break a world shopping record?! [if she has lots of bags]

Level – 2

  • That’s pretty funny…for a girl!
  • You’re so cute.
  • I think I’m falling in love with you.
  • I’m a lover, not a fighter….but I’m pretty good at both 😉
  • [when she says something stupid] It’s a good thing you’re pretty!
  • I feel like I’m talking to my future ex-wife!
  • I can imagine you at work keeping the troops under control like a dominatrix!
  • I can imagine you looking glamorous and hard working in the office, but secretly chatting to guys on Tinder and updating your Twitter!
  • Wow, that’s cool….you get permission to cook me dinner!
  • You’re hired…when can you start?!
  • You’re fired…collect your things and go!
  • We’re getting divorced!
  • Whoa whoa, slow this down…! [when she’s speaking quickly]
  • Alright, you’re losing me…!
  • Ah, a princess I see…! [if she says something self-centred]
  • Ok mum…! [if she tries to give you advice]
  • Hmmm…silent but violent!
  • Wow, I can’t even talk to you now!
  • Cute & feisty, I like it!
  • Easy tiger!
  • We can have fun but please don’t touch!
  • Let’s take this slowly…I don’t want to get hurt!
  • You’re not one of those stalker types are you?
  • No yawning allowed, I’m going to report you! [opener if you spot this]
  • No smiling allowed, I’m going to report you! [opener if you spot this]
  • I can see you’re studying hard….using Facebook! [opener for cafe]
  • You’re distracting me from the art! [opener for art gallery]
  • Don’t jump…somebody loves you! [opener if she’s on a bridge]

Level 3

  • This is the LAST time I let you out unsupervised!
  • You don’t get out much, do you?!
  • Every time you touch it’s $10, do you want to start a tab?! [when she touches you]
  • You’re gonna pay for that!
  • I bet you have a real cute side somewhere, you just don’t show it!
  • You’re cool….despite what everyone else says!
  • You’re undressing me with your eyes, I feel violated!
  • I’m not just a piece of meat!
  • Stop looking at me like that….licking your lips….I’m not on the menu!
  • Are you looking at my bum/arse/ass?!
  • You’re pretty…and evil! [said with a big grin]
  • You’re looking at me like a fat kid looks at a cheeseburger!
  • I need trust, comfort & connection….right now all we have is lust!
  • Just because I flirt doesn’t mean I put out!
  • Don’t get your hopes up, I’m not that easy!
  • Stop being attracted to me….I’m only attracted to fat white girls!
  • You’re like my little dog…cute but full of energy!
  • You’re like a little dog…yap, yap, yap, yap!
  • Do you know, the size of your heels is the size of your boyfriend’s…..personality 😉
  • Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, it’s our dirty secret! [if she trips, falls, drops something]
  • It’s hard to be a sex symbol…sometimes I wish I was ugly!
  • What did you do before you met me?!
  • I’m lazy…a typical guy….I just like [your favourite food] and hot girls!
  • Everyday I look in the mirror and I ask god…why did you make me so perfect?!
  • Today I was on a bus and I saw this amazingly good looking guy go past…better than Beckham…then I realised it was my reflection!

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