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How to find if husband is cheating on you?

A private investigator reveals signs your husband is cheating. David King, who is the managing director of Lipstick Investigations, states that about 80% of women who contact him are correct when thinking that their husband is cheating on them. The reason is that they have the ability to spot certain details their husbands do not care about.

Signs if husband is cheating

  • Angry attitude
  • Appearance
  • Cell phone
  • Going out

Angry Attitude

Some people are naturally angry or have a short temper. But if the man you married was calm and collected for most of the marriage. And you suddenly see a change of attitude when you ask him questions. Especially when his phone rings, he may be cheating. The reason he is acting out is that he may be trying to hide his guilt by making you feel guilty for asking such a question. Cheaters often find manipulative ways to make their partner feel guilty about being suspicious. If you suspect that your husband is cheating on you, analyze his behaviour.

See if he reacts differently to certain things you say or certain situations he is in. If he is lashing out and accusing you of jumping to conclusions, it may be a sign that he is cheating. If your husband is starting to act out of the ordinary and you just don’t understand why, talk to him about it. And if he refuses to talk to you about it or begins to act angry, it’s a clear sign that something is wrong. It may not necessarily mean that he is cheating – but it probably does mean that there is something going on in his life that he isn’t telling you about – which is a red flag in itself.

Keep watching for other signs that may mean your husband is cheating on you, and then make a judgement call on your own.


When you get married, you will slowly put less effort into making yourself look presentable. But for instance, if your husband is going out with the “guys” and you notice that he starts putting on cologne more often, or is getting his haircut more frequently, he might be trying to impress someone else. This is especially true if he is spending less time with you.

If you notice that your husband doesn’t really try to dress nice or spruce himself up when you two are going out together (or even when you’re just having dinner at home), but he gets dressed up when he’s going out, it could be a major red flag. It’s true that many couples tend to “lose themselves” after they get married and reach a certain level of comfort with their significant other, but sometimes this can lead to the demise of a relationship.

Couples should always work to improve each other, and if it gets to the point where they don’t care about how they look when they are with each other, it’s a big sign that the marriage may begin falling apart. If you notice that your husband is acting out of the ordinary by getting dressed up when he is going out without you, on’t jump to conclusions immediately.

Cell Phone

If your husband isn’t cheating, then he will have no problem handing over his cell phone or tablet for you to use. It has to be a valid reason for you to want to use it though; you can’t get mad if he says no if your sole purpose is to snoop through his things. But if your reason is valid, and he gets defensive, you might want to have a serious talk with him about why.

Although two people should always trust each other in a relationship (especially in a marriage), if you notice that your husband is being more secretive while using his phone, or is constantly on his phone when it doesn’t really seem necessary, this may be a red flag. In the event that you finally give in and ask to see his phone, see how he reacts. Check to see if he tries to stall a few minutes – this might mean that he is quickly trying to delete things on his phone. If he willingly gives you the phone like its no big deal, you’re probably in the clear.

Again, trust is such an important part of a marriage, and the only time you should ask to see your husband’s phone is if you are 100 percent sure that he is cheating on you. Many people use their phones for business reasons, or even to speak to their families about personal things. So if your husband refuses to give you his phone, it may be for that reason.

Remember: don’t always jump to conclusions! It is always important to first communicate with your partner if you think he or she may be cheating. It could be possible that he is going through some things that he isn’t telling you about. If you establish open lines of communication with your husband, you may be able to avoid situations where you are suspicious of his actions.

Going Out

Every couple/marriage needs a date night. It’s the one night where you will do everything in your power to show your spouse that you love them. But if your husband constantly has other plans on date night. He might be afraid of being seen with you by someone he might be having an affair with. If you notice that your husband is always skipping out on date night, try to find out why. If he chooses to go out with friends or on his own without you, it is a big sign that he may be cheating. Partners who love each other cherish that time they get to spend together. But if your husband no longer wants to spend that time with you it may mean that he no longer values the relationship. Which could mean that he is cheating.

Although it is perfectly normal – and healthy – for couples to spend time apart from each other once in a while. If it gets to the point where your husband is constantly choosing going out with friends over spending time with you, it may mean that he is cheating.

Final Thoughts

One Thing to Remember: These signals could mean absolutely nothing. You never want to jump to conclusions, it would create an unnecessary problem. However, if you do start to notice these signs and a pattern. Do not ignore them, but do not act irrationally. Talk to your husband and find out what is going on. You may also want to seek help from a professional to talk about how you feel and what you are going through. A therapist can help you talk about your feelings and emotions. And may even be able to tell you if you are jumping to conclusions or not.

Couples therapy is also a great idea for partners who are having trouble communicating. In the event that you think your husband is cheating, try communicating and/or seeking help first. It could save the relationship and save you and your husband from fights or misunderstandings.

Two Key Elements to a Happy Relationship: If you’re going to have a successful relationship, you will need to trust the person you are with. This is the number one key element to a happy relationship. The reason for this is that if you do not trust your other half, you will be constantly worried about what they are doing or who they are talking to. Any time they want to go out with their friends, you will be worried that they’re cheating on you. Establish trust.

The second key element is communication. You have to be able to talk about anything with your partner. Because if you don’t, things that have been bottled up inside could trigger an outburst. So talk to your partner, no matter how uncomfortable the topic may be. It will be beneficial in the long run.


Marriage is a beautiful thing. It can be full of love, happiness and can eventually lead to starting a family. But with all the positive aspects of a marriage, there are also negatives. They can range from disagreements regarding money, parenting, household chores, the list goes on. The important thing though is that the couple tries to work out the differences together.

After all, both parties took a vow when they were married, so it shouldn’t be that hard right? Wrong! Differences are what make marriage difficult, and in some cases, end it. How could the marriage end? Well, one way would be cheating. Society has portrayed the male sex as the most likely to cheat out of the two.

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