Download Snapchat Stories

How to download Snapchat stories of others?

Snapchat Stories – Snapchat became a platform for the users to share their updates in photo and short video formats with the world. It is easy to use and got lot of features to attract followers.

How To Download Snapchat Stories

For this you need a laptop or PC with Google Chrome. Go and find one. Open the link in Google chrome. The page will load with lot of user stories. Press F12 or Click on three vertical dots in Chrome, then go to More Tools and then to Developer Tools.

Network – Media

Now on left hand side of the chrome select iPad or iPad Pro. On right hand side select Network tab. Inside Network tab select Media tab.

Media List

Now it’s time to select the user. Scroll through the users from left side and select any one. Once it loads you can see that the media tab in the right side will get some entries. You can right click on any entry and select open in new tab. That’s it.

Now you can see the video or photo that is shared by user. You can right click on the video or photo and select save. Video or photo will be saved to your system.

If you cannot find a user then they are not sharing their stories to public. They are privately sharing their stories.

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