Bad Boss

How to deal with a bad boss?

Working for an unlikeable boss is stressful. But given the tough job market, it makes sense to pause and analyze the situation before you explore options. Here are some types of difficult bosses and how you can deal with them.

  • The unfriendly boss: See how you can make his or her life easier. Chances are, they too are saddled with an overloaded personal and professional schedule.
  • No leadership skills: Working with a superior who is into command and control or is disrespectful? It’s probably best to head for the door. Apply for jobs and leave when you get one.
  • A discriminating boss: Discrimination on the basis of gender, race or sexual orientation should not be accepted. Convey this to them and, if that fails, start looking out.
  • The career disruptor: Upset that you didn’t get the promised promotion? The pandemic has forced many managers to take tough decisions. Make the most of the present situation while quietly applying elsewhere.
  • Tough boss? Someone who has exacting standards at work can add to the work pressure. But know that they can also help you learn a lot.

Toxic Boss & Managers

Toxic Leadership is a big problem in the Corporate world. They are “Bad Apples”, having a detrimental effect on employee retention & productivity. More importantly, they destroy the good fabric of the business. Toxic managers are a fact of life. Some Managers are Toxic most of the time; most Managers are Toxic some of the time.

Business Leaders are guilty of turning a blind eye to Toxic Managers & some even actively hire & promote them. The havoc they wreak is often forgiven because their immediate success is measured in sales. Toxic bosses are Result-driven, without any understanding of the impact of their behavior, in the long term.
Employing this kind of Manager is a short-sighted & short-term strategy. In the long run, toxic managers can destroy organizations.

Toxic managers categories:

  • Narcissistic – who only promote themselves,
  • Aggressive – who only need Yes men,
  • Rigid – who won’t move an inch
  • Impaired – who know their incapability.

Toxic managers make Organizations seem like war zones & can complicate our work, drain our energy, compromise our sanity & destroy our career. Our ability to deal with these Corporate Landmines will have a significant impact on our career.

Final Thoughts

It boils down to a simple fact, despite all that is there in a superior- subordinate relationship. The idea is to work together, hence, the inclination ( more so on the superior side) should be towards coordination and encouragement, that way the superior would add to both, employee and the organization.