iPhone Home Screen

How to customize your iPhone Home Screen layout?

Keep your iPhone Home Screen organized the way you want it. See how to customize your Home Screen layout by hiding Home Screen pages, or moving individual apps to and from the App Library. Starting in iOS 14, you can keep your iPhone Home Screen organized by hiding Home Screen pages or moving individual apps to the App Library.

How to hide and unhide Home Screen pages?

First, touch and hold an empty area of your Home Screen until the apps start to jiggle. Then tap the dots at the bottom of the screen. If a Home Screen page is visible, the circle underneath it will be selected. To hide Home Screen pages, tap the circles to unselect them. To bring them back, just tap to select the circles again. When you’ve decided which Home Screen pages you’d like visible, tap Done. Then tap Done again.

How to move apps to the App Library?

If you don’t need to hide an entire Home Screen page, you can also move a single app to the App Library. Just touch and hold it then tap Remove app. When you move an app, you’re not deleting it, so you won’t lose any data. Next, tap Move to App Library. To get to the App Library, swipe all the way to the left. The App Library stores all your apps, and automatically organizes them into helpful categories like Suggestions, Recently Added, Utilities, and more. To look at it in list view, just swipe down. You can choose whether newly downloaded apps go straight to the App Library or appear on your Home Screen. To do this, head to the Settings app.

How to add apps back to your Home Screen?

You can also use the App Library to add an app back to your Home Screen. Just tap the Search field and type the name of the app you’re looking for then touch and hold the app icon and drag it to the Home Screen.

And that’s it! Now you can keep your Home Screen nice and tidy, and easily access all of your apps.