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How to cancel Amazon Prime, Venmo Payment & PayPal Payment?

Here are the different ways to cancel Amazon Prime subscription, Venmo Payment & PayPal Payment.

How to cancel Amazon Prime Subscription?

There are two ways you to end your amazon prime membership. For the first method follow below steps.

  • Go to amazon’s website and log in to your account
  • Go to “Account and Lists” in the upper right corner of the screen click “Memberships and Subscriptions”
  • On the next page you will see all of your active Amazon subscriptions
  • Click Prime Membership Settings
  • Select Manage Membership then select End Membership

Another way to cancel your membership is as follows.

  • Select Account and List
  • Choose Prime Membership
  • Select Manage Membership then select End Membership
  • On the next page select Cancel My Benefits
  • On the next page Amazon will ask you to reconsider
  • Select continue to cancel to end your membership

How to cancel Venmo Payment

You can cancel a venmo payment you’ve already made if the receiver has an inactive account. If they don’t, you’ll need to request your money back from the person or contact venmo support.

Cancelling payment to an inactive account

On the venmo app tap on the hamburger menu on the top right corner of your screen. From the options tap on Incomplete. This is where you’ll find your incomplete payments which will be shown by a number in a red circle. Tap on the payments tab. You should see the payment you made listed here. If you’re able to get your money back then you’ll see a Take Back button. Tap on it and the payment will turn grey. A message will pop up to confirm that you cancelled the payment. It will no longer be processed and taken from your linked bank account.

Getting a refund if you have paid the wrong person

It’s easy to send money to the wrong venmo account as many people have similar usernames. If you’ve done this you’ll need to request a refund from the account and contact venmo support. On the home screen tap on pay or request at the bottom. Type in the username of the person you paid by mistake. And then enter the same amount of dollars you sent to them. Add a note here to explain that you’ve paid them by mistake and then tap request, tap to confirm. Tap on the hamburger menu on the top right corner of your screen. Tap on Incomplete and you’ll see your unfulfilled requests here. Underneath your recent request tap on remind. Now you can wait and see if the account will refund you the money.

If they don’t you’ll need to contact venmo support.

To contact venmo support, tap on the hamburger menu at the top right of your screen and then tap on Get Help from the drop down options. Choose contact us and then choose the method you want from the options. Remember to include the payment information in your report including the amount paid, the account you paid accidentally and the date of the transaction.

How to cancel PayPal Payment?

You can cancel a payment you have already made if the receiver didn’t claim it. If they have you will need to dispute the payment or request a refund.

If receiver didn’t claim the amount then follow these steps.

  • Login to PayPal account at
  • From the top click on Activity tab. You will see your recent transactions listed.
  • Find the transaction you want to cancel.
  • Click Cancel.
  • A confirmation popup will appear.
  • Click on Cancel Payment to confirm.
  • Money will be back to your account within few days.