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How to be a confident person in this generation?

If you have confidence, you can walk into any room in the world, feeling assured and comfortable with who you are. You do not need approval from others and believe in your ability to achieve. Confident person just express the individuality and flow through life without analyzing every thought and action. They have learned to accept themselves, and share their unique nature with other people without feeling self-conscious.

  • Don’t blame others
  • Don’t Try To Impress Others
  • Don’t Ask Others For Approval
  • Talk Less & Listen More
  • Use Social Media Wisely
  • Move Out of Comfort Zone
  • Self Doubt
  • Don’t Fear of Feedback
  • Less Focus On Yourself
  • Don’t Overthink Small Decisions
  • Don’t Change to Impress Others
  • Don’t Act Arrogant
  • Don’t Allow Setbacks To Break
  • Procrastinate
  • Don’t Compromise Values
  • Don’t Shy Away From Social Situations
  • Don’t Show Off
  • Don’t Express anger explosively

Confident Person Don’t Blame Others

Confident people take full ownership of everything that happens to them. They don’t blame the barista at the coffee shop for running late to work, or the fact that they don’t have enough money to pay rent. They take full responsibility for their actions, and realize that they are the conductor of their own lives. They might not have the ability to control everything that happens to them. But they can choose to respond in a way that benefits their life and not wallow in self-pity. Who do you tend to blame for your mistakes? Others or yourself? Do you learn from your mistakes or tend to repeat them?

Confident Person Don’t Try To Impress Others

They could care less how much money they have, what brand of clothing they buy, or what kind of car they drive. They know that possessions don’t define a person, and feel confident in themselves because of their character. Confident people realize that someone’s true essence comes from their soul. So they don’t waste time impressing other people with things they don’t care to own. They only work on having the best possible relationship with themselves.

Confident Person Don’t Ask Others For Approval

Confident people don’t need permission from others in order to make a decision. They feel totally comfortable and worthy of making choices on their own without needing to ask others first. They will listen to other people’s opinions and consider them, but they don’t put those opinions above their own in the decision-making process. They simply live their lives in congruence with their hearts, and feel that going to other people for acceptance will only lead them astray.

Confident Person Talk Less & Listen More

Your first mental image of confidence may involve speaking in front of a crowd or leading a team. But in reality, the more confident people are, the less they feel like they have to prove themselves. This means they are slow to speak and quick to listen, especially with those closest to them. Unfortunately lots of people think they’re great listeners when they’re really not.

Use Social Media Wisely

Confident people use social media wisely. Spending too much time on it, looking at everyone’s perfect lives will make anyone feel less confident. So they use it only with clear motives. These can be anything from connecting with specific people to communicating with someone. They don’t just surf it because they’re bored. They also learn how to put what they see into perspective and recognize that they aren’t seeing the whole picture. There is research that backs up this approach. A recent study found that the more time people spend on social media the more depressed and lonely they are in real life.

Move Out of Comfort Zone

People who have confidence understand that personal growth happens when you step outside your comfort zone. They know that so long as you’re comfortable, you’re not moving. And, in life, when you’re not moving, you’re not growing. To live is to move and seeking out comfort is just another way of hiding from what you’re afraid of. They understand this and grow accustomed to this feeling of discomfort so they know they’re always growing.

Self Doubt

Confident people realize that not all self doubt is a bad thing. Sometimes fear is a signal that you haven’t prepared enough for the big presentation, the recital, or the interview. Practicing what you plan to say and do will give your mind something to fall back on when the pressure is high. The voice of self doubt may also be saying you need to get more information, move in a different direction, or take a break.

Don’t Fear of Feedback

A confident person can accept helpful feedback and act on it without getting defensive. When your sense of self-worth is no longer on the table, you can handle criticism or even outright rejection without allowing it to break you. By the same token, confidence doesn’t mean you mow other people down when a conflict arises. It’s possible to speak your mind with conviction and still make room to listen to someone else’s point of view and even reach a compromise.

Less Focus On Yourself

It might seem counterintuitive, but when you have more self-confidence, you’re less focused on yourself. We’ve all been guilty of walking into a room and thinking, “They’re all looking at me. They all think I look dumpy and that every word I say is incredibly stupid!” The truth is, people are wrapped up in their own thoughts and worries. When you get out of your own head, you’ll be able to genuinely engage with others.

Don’t Overthink Small Decisions

Insecure people are often unsure about the choices that they make because they do not trust themselves. That leads to overthinking each action. Throughout our lives, we have to make countless decisions, many of which are easy. Overthinking them, though, leads to significantly higher levels of stress and energy output. Having to expend mental energy on each little action we take is draining. Those that are confident, on the other hand, know when they can trust their instinct. This allows them to put their energy in places that are more important.

Don’t Change to Impress Others

Self-assured people are able to be themselves all of the time. They feel no urge to change in order to impress others. Instead, they act in their own self-interest, so they are real. This allows them to put more attention on the present situation and grow as a person, as opposed to conforming based on what others think. People who spend their lives trying to fit in, end up wasting time being someone that they are not. This is a missed opportunity to do more of what you love and are good at. Plus, being untrue to yourself will just make you less happy going through each day.

Don’t Act Arrogant

There are a lot of times when confidence and arrogance get mixed up. Confidence can sometimes be perceived as arrogance and vice versa. Let’s try to make it a bit clearer. For example, being good at building LEGOs. A confident person would genuinely try to help you. An arrogant person would also help you but only to show that they are better than you. This example might not be entirely accurate, but you get the idea. Confident people lift others up because they know that arrogance is based on putting others down. They also know that confidence is about being comfortable with oneself without having to look down on others.

Don’t Allow Setbacks To Break

The road to success is full of obstacles and if we quit after the first obstacle, we will never succeed. This is a universal truth when it comes to succeeding in life. Failure is just a part of success. Highly confident people know that, so they don’t allow obstacles to kill their motivation. They are confident enough to believe in their plan and work on finding the solution whenever there is an issue.


The only distinction between a successful person and an unsuccessful one is how well they manage their time and execute their plans to reach their objectives. They don’t wait for the “right time” or the “right circumstances”. They are not scared of change so they prefer taking the risk here and now. They have learned to abandon their lackadaisical approach towards significant issues.

Don’t Compromise Values

People with self confidence live in alignment with their values, and will never compromise themselves or what they hold dear. However, they don’t force their beliefs on anyone else – whether they are political or religious. They have a clear understanding that these beliefs and choices are personal for everyone. They may stand up for themselves when others oppose. But will never challenge what other people think, nor feel the need to tell them that they are wrong.

Don’t Shy Away From Social Situations

Confidence does not necessarily imply extroversion. You can be confident while being quiet and introverted. However, such people do not shy away from social situations because they do not fear meeting new people, or the judgment of others. They likely look confident at parties even if they are not butterflying around.

Confident Person Don’t Show Off

People who are confident don’t waste their time talking about themselves all day. They do not have to always look perfect, show off their money, or brag about their accomplishments. They can admit they are not all together all the time. Their house may have a sink full of dishes and yet they still feel fine about themselves. They know their value and do not have to prove it with perfectionism.

Confident Person Don’t Express anger explosively

Everyone gets angry or upset sometimes. However, if a person has a temper that flares up fast, then you know that person is not confident. Confident people can speak their mind in a respectful tone, even if they disagree with you. They don’t fear that you won’t listen to them, rather they know their input is valuable. They do not need to use anger to try to feel ‘heard’ by you.

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