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How Many Deaths Do People Believe Happened in the Bible?

Bible – Even though there are clearly no definitive numbers available, there are various Biblical scholars that have sought to gather together the different evidence for the number of deaths that appear in the various books. Of course, this then leads to a lot of scholarly debate, but the figures that get the most attention are rather scary to say the least.

You see, they have not only sought to compile the deaths, but they have also looked at ways to attribute them to entities. The scholars believe that God was responsible for 25 million deaths while Satan was responsible for 60. Also, they argue that 10 out of the 60 should not even really count, as they are connected to the book of Job where God practically offers a bet to Satan. In other words, some people feel that 25 million is not enough, so they just
want to add another ten.

What this shows is that there are some rough times in the Bible, especially if you spend any time paying close attention to the words and passages. If we are honest, even if the figure was not actually 25 million, you can guarantee that it will still be substantially higher than you ever thought possible.