Google Data Centers

How Google Protects Our Data At Data Centers?

Google have data centers around the world. Near by data centers provide data for us. If the requested data is not available at your near by data center then it will automatically pulls data from the source and presents to you. All these activities happen at a quick pace within seconds.

How Google Protects The Data Centers?

Layer One

There are six layers of security at data centers. Security layer one refers to the property boundaries and that includes signage and fencing. But things really start to get interesting when it comes to layer two.

Layer Two

Layer two also known as the secure perimeter. And that includes the main entrance gate. Layer two has a lot of security features, ranging from smart fencing to overlapping cameras to 24/7 guard patrols and more. There’s actually a lot of technology and operations going on behind the scene. So from the time that a person is on site, they know that you’re here, and they’re able to do correlation analysis of where you’ve been. They have guards in vehicles and some guards on foot.

There’s also the vehicle crash barrier to stop a fully loaded truck from crashing through the front entrance. Fence is a anti-climb fence. It’s also equipped with fiber. The technology tells if someone’s near the fence or touches a fence. They use thermal cameras and standard cameras helps to see video footage at night just as clearly

Layer Three

Layer three is the building access. They check your id card, verify it with the database. And with iris scan, we can authenticate that it’s actually you along with your ID.

When you visit a data center is a strict no tailgating rule. For secure areas only one person is allowed to badge through a door at a time.

Layer Four

Layer four includes the security operations center, or SOC. A hive of activity that is monitoring the data center 24/7, 365 days a year. The doors, the cameras, the badge readers, the iris scan, everything is connected here. This is the brains of the security system. So if there’s anything out of the ordinary happening, they have to be able to pick that up.

Layer Five

Interesting fact about layer five, the data center floor. Less than 1% of Googlers ever get to set foot in here. This is truly a as-needed only access area. Only the technicians and engineers are allowed to maintain, upgrade, or repair the equipment

Do Googlers, or anyone, have access to the data?

Workers have access to the devices. But the data at rest is encrypted. And customers can issue and keep their own encryption keys.

Layer Six

The mysterious layer six, where disks are erased and destroyed. And the fewest number of people are allowed to enter. Drives that need to be retired from the data center floor come into this room through a secure two-way locker system. Which means that only technicians assigned to this room can pull them from that locker to either erase or destroy them.

Data Centers Security

If you didn’t think these six layers of security were enough, Google Cloud actually has two security testing programs in place. One hires companies to try to break into data center sites from the outside, and the other tasks Googlers with trying to break security protocols from the inside.

And getting out of a data center is arguably even harder than getting in, as everybody has to go through full metal detection each time they leave the data center floor. Google Cloud supports compliance with over 40 global standards, regulations, and certifications, and the commitment to constantly test, optimize, and improve systems makes it a leader in data center security.

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