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How Google News Is Helping The Society?

Google News – Few years ago News Paper and Television are main source of news. Being a fourth estate it is important for journalists to provide quality, informative and factual content to users. But with the increase of internet usage there are wide range of news sources for information. There are many incidents where a news item gets viral though it is a fake news. The old business model of the news industry is facing challenges in this current fast paced world.

Google News Values Quality Not Revenue

Google doesn’t make money from its News Page. It tries to provide you quality and correct information to users. It has even started a column “Fact Check” where it lists the facts about a viral news item (might be fake news). Google doesn’t generate revenue from news queries. It generates revenue from commercial queries like “buy a new smartphone” and clicking on ad. Google gets paid when someone clicks on search ads.

Google News Helping Publishers

It provides an opportunity for the news sites to grow their audience. Google drives the users to news sites by providing quality news items. It also enables the publishers to increse revenue by showing Google Ads on their site. Every month Google sends it’s users to news sites 24 billion times.

New Technologies

Few years ago sites were very slow on a mobile browser. Most of the users don’t wait for the page to load and they leave that site. This impacts news sites and they lose traffic and revenue. In order to help the publishers Google has joined hands with few other tech companies and created Accelerated Mobile Pages Project – AMP.

AMP enables the pages to load much faster with some changes to publishers news site. It does not reduce the revenue. It just accelerates the content delivery not content collection. Google recommends AMP to its publishers because it is fast and improves traffic to news sites.

Publishers Decide What To Present

Google provides options for the publishers whether to show images or not in news items. It also enables them to enable or disable as a Feature Snippet. Publishers can optimize their site and decide what type of ads to be displayed on their site.

Google indexes and links to websites in search results. It also includes a short preview of what to expect from the site. The preview information is also decided by the publisher. They can decide what information is to be provided for the site preview.


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