sex workers

How COVID-19 impacted sex workers?

In the morning, how everyone gets up, goes to office, maintains their daily routine, have breakfast then go to office, have lunch there, and come back home in the evening. Sex workers also used to go in the morning and come back in the evening. Since the time corona virus has been spreading: all of these activities have completely stalled. Corona virus has caused so much problems, it has adversely affected their entire community.

How did they spend during lockdown?

They never thought the situation would be so horrible. They had nothing to eat. They are not rich. Whatever they made during the day they used to eat on that. There are so many nights where they went to bed empty-stomach. At that time nobody would even give them some money on loan. Most of the shops were closed to even ask to lend some groceries.

No doctor in any government hospital was going to check them. No matter what they suffered from, they had to endure it. If their stomach was hurting, they had to bear it. If they had a fever, they had to live with it. Everyone is afraid of coronavirus.

They received a kit of food items for survival. Kit contains rice, wheat, oil and pulses. Some of the NGO’s provided soap and Dettol to them keep clean and safe.

Sex Workers life after pandemic is over

Even they are not sure whether they can continue their work or not. People realized the importance of health and safety. These workers are not sure whether people will come for services or not post the pandemic. Like many other professions they are also waiting for the pandemic to over and see how things go. They are hoping to continue their work as no one is going to employ them for other works.