Hiccups for 69 years!.

Having the hiccups is annoying. It is one of those strange things that the body is able to do. That it gets on the nerves of every single human being when it strikes. However, we are all familiar with different potential remedies that are going to cure it. Drinking out of the wrong side of a cup to holding your breath. Or giving someone a fright to effectively shock their body back into its normal way of working.

This all sounds pretty good, but spare a thought for poor old Charles Osbourne. Who just could not get rid of his bout of hiccups no matter how hard he tried. In fact, this bout would go on and on with no sign of stopping, and he ended up having them for a grand total of 69 years.

Just think about that for a moment because that is longer than a lot of people are alive. And yet, he had to cope with having the hiccups! Perhaps his friends and family really had to improve their scaring someone approach as it was clearly not working in his case.

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