Hate Cutting Onions? Here is a simple solution

While onions can be a useful addition to a variety of dishes, how many people hate cutting them in preparation simply because it does not take long until those tears start to flow and your eyes just sting like absolute crazy. So, what do you do?

Well, one potential solution for you is to chew gum while you are peeling and cutting the onions. Yes, by just doing this simple and straightforward thing, you can stop those chemicals in the onion that ultimately trigger that tear response from getting that far into your body.

The reason why this works is very simple to understand. As we breathe through our nose, the chemicals from the onion attack the glands that are responsible for tear production. By chewing gum, it forces us to breathe through our mouth. So those glands are not being hit to the same extent and those tears are then unable to flow.

In other words, there is no complex science behind this approach. Instead, it is all about changing how we breathe when we cut up those onions.

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