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Google Makes Android Even Better With Android 11 Features

Google is working on Android 11 for quite some time. They have released the list of features that they are working on. They have launched the Beta Program for the developers to work on the latest features. Google has mainly focused on improving the exiting features and bringing in small but critical changes to the OS.

Android 11 Features

Control external devices

This feature allows you to quickly access and control external devices such as lights, thermostats, and cameras from the Android power menu. Press and hold the power button to launch quick access controls along with Turn Off/Restart menu.

Android 11 – Device Control

You can long press any widget to dive into the app to access more features. These widgets support toggle feature. 3rd Party apps can access this space and create widgets.

Changes to Notifications – The New Conversations

Notifications are divided into 3 categories, 1. Conversations 2. Alerting Notifications 3. Silent Notifications. This will help you get through all your notifications and manage them easily.

Conversations are notification messages from various chat apps you use. All the conversations you make with a person or a group are listed here. Alerting Notifications are more of informative or payment transaction alerts.

You can decide the importance of an conversation from Notifications panel by long pressing it. You can add Shortcut to Home Screen, allow Bubbles from the app or silent/snooze the notification message. Now You can see the picture of the person you are chatting with along with the app icon.

Chat Bubbles


Android 11 introduces a new feature called Bubbles. This is similar to Chat Heads from Facebook Messenger app. This feature allows you to have conversation without actually opening your chat app.

You can block all Bubbles from a particular app or allow.

New Media Controls

Media controls in Android 11 are located near the Quick Settings. Sessions from multiple apps are arranged in a swipe-able carousel. The carousel lists sessions in this order:

  • Streams playing locally on the phone
  • Remote streams, such as those detected on external devices or cast sessions
  • Previous resumable sessions, in the order they were last played

Users can restart previous sessions from the carousel without having to start the app. When playback begins, the user interacts with the media controls in the usual way

Top privacy changes

  • You can grant temporary one time permissions to location,camera and microphone.
  • If you have not used an app for long then all the permissions given to the app will be revoked or reset.
  • You will have more control on providing permission to background location access.

For Developers

App developers can opt for wireless debugging for testing their apps. They can connect multiple devices to the work station and install and test app simultaneously without connecting to USB.

Android 11 Features Availability

Android 11 Features will be available for users based on the mobile brand they use. It might take some time for the mobile companies to provide this update to it’s users.