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Google Introduces Auto Delete Controls In Your Account

Google saves your Location History, Web & App Activity & YouTube History in your account. You can check whether these are enabled or paused by navigating to My Account( > Data & personalization. You can set auto delete to either 3 months or 18 months and you can turn off auto delete as well. There is an option to delete the activity manually whenever you want to.

Google will remind you through notifications and emails about these new controls. You can set the preferences you need. This gives you more control on your data and reduces manual effort in deleting your activity and history. This also helps Google to serve you better based on latest activity.

Auto delete options are not applicable for Gmail, Google Photos & Google Drive. These are designed for storing your personal data safely.

New Features From Search & Chrome Team

  1. Now you can type “Google Privacy Checkup” and “Is my Google Account secure?” and check if your account is secure or not. But you need to sign into Google before searching.
  2. You can access incognito mode by long-pressing your profile picture in Search, Maps and YouTube. As on date this feature is available for iOS apps.
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