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Google Goats – Google rents Goats

Google Goats – When you have a large HQ that is surrounded by gorgeous green grass. Then looking after it may become rather tiring. However, when you are a company that is as large as Google, you might believe that, as money is no option. They would just hire somebody to come and cut it for them on a regular basis.

Well, that is what they do, but they do not rely purely on human beings to help them out with this, because Google being Google, they want to do things slightly different than the norm. This has ultimately led to them renting a number of goats. Yes, they do actually rent goats from a company called California Grazing.

Now, the job at hand for these goats is less about the grass—though they will certainly munch away on it when they can—and more about the various weeds and brush that surrounds their HQ. By allowing the goats to feast on it, kind of like an all-you-can-eat deal for them, it helps to keep their surroundings neat and tidy without it having a negative impact on their carbon footprint.

Long live Google Goats 🙂

California Grazing Says –

Goat grazing is a cost effective, ecologically sound way to clear land and promote growth of native grasses and beneficial plants, particularly for large acreages and difficult terrain. It has been proven to efficiently handle areas that are inaccessible or difficult to manage with mowers, areas where burns are inadvisable, and sensitive areas where the application of herbicides is not appropriate.

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