Google Photos Update

Google Brings Major Update To Google Photos App

Google Photos is a storage space used for storing photos and videos. You can upload either from your mobile using Google Photos app or from a computer using Google Photos website. You can also enable auto backup/upload from Google Photos App. This will upload your photos to cloud on regular basis based on your settings. Google Photos uses the storage space allocated to your Google account. They are bringing some major changes to iOS & Android Google Photos app.

Google Photos Simplified Look

There are 3 tabs now instead of 4, Photos, Search & Library.

App Update Details
  • Photos – This will be the main screen. It has now Large thumbnails of auto generated video and collections. It also lists all your photos and videos with big and better thumbnails. Videos will be on auto-play mode.
  • Search – Search lists your photos into People – Pets and Places. Now you can see your photos on maps. You can search by place, people and things. People & Pets lists the thumbnails of people and pets so that you find their photos at one place.
  • Library – It contains Favorites, Utilities, Archive & Trash. It also lists photos from device with their respective folder names. If you’re in the U.S., EU or Canada, you’ll also see our Print Store, where you can purchase printed products featuring your own photos.

Map View

You can pinch and zoom the map all over the world to find the photos taken around the world. Scroll through the photos and the control will move around the map. You can remove location history from the photos or edit manually.

How Google Photos Detect Photo Location

  • Location of the photo is detected either by the device camera you use. Or
  • If you add a location. Or
  • App detects the location based on the Google location history or landmarks detected in the photo.

How To Edit Or Remove Location Details of a Photo or Video

  • Go to the Photo you want to modify.
  • Click on the info icon.
  • Click on three vertical dots menu next to Location.
  • Select Edit.
  • Add or select the location.
  • To remove – select No Location.

Better Memories

Google has improved the Memories that was introduced last year. It has added more types of Memories like Best Friends, Family, Recent Trips and highlights of the week. You can find these in Top position of Photos tab. Movies, Collages, Animations, Stylized photos are also listed into Memories.

Google Photos Icon Changes

Pinwheel got a makeover. They have rounded the edges, giving the familiar look of pinwheel to remind you of past memories.

Release Date

You will receive the update from next week i.e., 2020 July 1st week. Download the app from Android and iOS.