Android 11

Google Brings Facebook’s Feature To Android 11

Android 11 brings you a more intuitive mobile experience, so you can get to what’s important on your phone. The new features will help you stay close to the people you care about and let you quickly control your connected devices. Android 11 is about becoming more intent based, by helping you complete the actions you regularly use on your phone in an easier and simpler way. Phones are about communication and keeping in touch with loved ones. Over 41 million mobile messages are sent every minute.

In Android 11, You can mark a conversation as important, that conversation can break through Do Not Disturb mode so that they can always reach you. The other big feature was Bubbles. This is a lightweight way across all of the different apps to be able to continue your chats while you’re doing something else. Making the things that people are already doing easy and convenient, organizing all the different chats so that you know you’re not missing stuff, that’s really the value that the system can provide.

In Android 11, they’ve taken another look at media and device controls. The phone is becoming this hub of all the things that you’re doing around you – Whether it be paying for things, controlling your lights, controlling your TV. Your phone is the one device that’s always around and it’s always with you.

Quick Update on Latest & Important Android 11 Features

  • In notifications they have categorized all communication based notifications as Conversations. Now you can have dedicated space for your important messages from important people.
  • Bubbles, which is a similar feature to Facebook’s Chat Heads. It pops up when you get a message from another app while you are working on something else.
  • Built-in screen recording is finally here: Now you can capture and share what’s happening on your phone. Record with sound from your mic, device or both—no extra app required.
  • Long press your phones power button to take you to a place to manage all your smart devices. Control your connected devices like your thermostat or smart lock with a tap, so there’s no need to open multiple apps.
  • Switching between earphones and speaker becomes easy without any lag or missing any beat. New media controls helps you in great way.
  • Android Auto now works wirelessly for all phones running Android 11 as long as you have a compatible vehicle. No need to connect your phone using wires/cables.