GHMC Election

GHMC Election – When political power is very important than citizen’s health

GHMC Election is slated for December 1, 2020. Prominent leaders are participating in big road shows and meetings. Political parties are gathering huge crowds for the meetings. Everyone knows that the current situation is not idle to gather people in the name of elections. But still politicians are not worried about the health of the people.

KCR’s statement

Few days back CM KCR told to media that everyone should be careful and follow all the rules to control COVID-19. He also told that if cases increase then lockdown will be imposed again. But our leaders including CM KCR are gathering huge crowds for GHMC Election campaigns.

Central Government Suggestions

PM Narendra Modi and Health Ministry requested the citizens to follow the COVID-19 rules. PM Modi requested not to take the situation lightly and to be more careful.

Final Thoughts

There are rules that people should not gather in large numbers but our politicians don’t follow rules as they feel superior to rules. All the leaders who are doing roadshows and meetings are giving speeches from elevated stage and they are away from crowd. Conducting these type of campaigns is showing how desperate they are for power. Please follow the rules and stop spreading COVID-19.

All the political parties should follow rules and conduct their campaigns. They should not allow anyone without mask and they should use the masks properly. Stop the Roadshows immediately. Conduct meetings with limited audience.

Leaders should make use of Television and Social Media more. Political parties should visit MoHFW | Home and understand the preventive measures.